Mead Botanical Garden Engagement

Dorian & Mike’s Mead Botanical Gardens Engagement- Captured by Jacob

Dorian and Mike had an amazing engagement photo session at Mead Botanical Gardens in Winter Park! We can’t wait to see these two become newly weds next year!

How They Met

We meet at work.  He was the projector manager for the company and was working on a renovation at the hotel.  Everyone wanted to match us together and was constantly inviting him to have lunch. Once we did,  we noticed there was an attraction.  He came to my office one day and wanted to place a bet on a college football game for Notre Dame vs. FSU.  The bet the person whose team lost had to take the other person out to lunch.  He lost, so he had to take me out to lunch. But instead, he ended up taking me out to dinner.  We had a great time that night and we have been together ever since!  It’s been 8 years.

Love for Each Other

Dorian loves how safe Michael makes her feel.  She has never felt so secure and safe with anyone until she met Michael.   She loves the way he always makes her laugh, encourages her to do better, and how he loves her- just the way she is.

Mead Botanical Garden Engagement

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