Casa Marina Wedding

Jennifer & Alfonso’s Casa Marina Hotel Wedding in Jacksonville

Jennifer and Alfonso tied the knot during their church ceremony at the Arlington Congregational Church and danced the day away at the Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant, alongside the Jacksonville East Coast. My sweet couple actually met back in the summer of 2006, while playing soccer. Jennifer hinted to her friends how cute she thought Alfonso was and asked if they knew him. Little did Jennifer know that by the end of the summer, the two of them would be a sure thing!

Their bond of a game of soccer took new heights as they dated over the years. Jennifer and Alfonso grew to love one another so deeply and became best friends. Jennifer loves how passionate Alfonso is about everything he does and the love he has for his family. Alfonso, or Fonzie as Jennifer fondly calls him, loves how independent Jennifer is along with her calmness and being the one he can always count on.

On January 3rd of last year, Alfonso planned a beautiful date for Jennifer at the Night of Lights in St. Augustine. Jennifer at the time thought it was her mom’s idea to meet up with both families to spend the night together among the stars, but would later find out the surprise in store! On the walk up the Night of Lights, there was a beautiful gazebo at the end that Jennifer’s mom said they should “check out,” which made Jennifer immediately suspect something was up. As they entered the gazebo, Alfonso dropped to one knee and asked Jennifer if she would spend the rest of her life with him and marry him, which of course Jennifer said “yes!”

The two started off their wedding day with Jennifer getting ready at the hotel and Alfonso at the church. I just adored Jennifer’s traditional details from a pearl necklace to beautiful lace applique heels. Her floral bouquets’ filled with sunflowers from Seahorse Florist were absolutely bright and airy, which matched her personality perfectly. I found out later in the day from Fonzie’s best man’s speech that he once pulled over on the side of a six lane, yes six lane!, highway just to pick sunflowers for his darling!

After capturing Jennifer getting ready along with her details, we headed over to the church for their ceremony. Set in downtown Jacksonville, Arlington Congregational Church welcomed guests in to share in the monumental moment of two joining their hearts among the lord. It was clear for everyone to see how captivated Fonzie was with Jennifer as she made her way down the aisle. The ceremony was beautiful, but it was missing one thing – Jennifer’s grandmother. While on FaceTime, she was able to watch her beloved granddaughter walk down the aisle, but her recent hospital stay kept her from being there in person.

When the ceremony came to a close and family portraits were taken, Jennifer asked me if we could make a slight change in plans to visit her grandmother and surprise her in her wedding gown before heading to the reception. With tears in everyone’s eyes we of course said yes and headed to the hospital. The moment was incredibly touching and it was almost as though time stood still.

I walked in first letting grandma know that there was a special delivery for her. She lit up with excitement, but had no clue who I was or why I had two cameras hanging off of me. Shortly following Jennifer and Fonzie walked in with the biggest smiles on their face and tears about to flow down their eyes. Grandma was in disbelief, but so utterly happy. Her nurse told us she was having a hard day that day with not being able to make it and Jennifer coming was the sunshine the overcame the rain.

There are just some moments that truly bring you back to what a wedding is all about. It isn’t how many diamonds are in your ring, how much your gown was to purchase, or how many gifts you received, it is the joy of family celebrating in something so grand, so beautiful, and so everlasting.

After visiting with grandma, sharing a few tears, and a whole lot of hugs, we all headed back to the hotel for my sweet couple’s reception. With guests patiently waiting, I bustled Jennifer up and headed up stairs to the penthouse top floor overlooking the ocean to capture her and her hubby making their grand entrance.

Wishing these two an incredible life together!


Venues: Arlington Congregational Church & Casa Marina Hotel

Florist: Seahorse Florist

Cake: CamiCakes

DJ: Dave’s Mobile Disco

Dress Designer: OLEG Cassini

Dress Shop: David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse & Vera Wang

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