Central Florida Engagement

Alex & Vince’s Vibrant Outdoor Engagement

Central Florida Engagement

Alex and Vince met me out at beautiful Lake Louisa Park for their vibrant engagement.  I just love the pop of navy and red in their attire against the lush green backdrop of the state park.

A Second Chance Date

Like many of my couples, online dating has become the gateway to finding forever love.  Alex and Vince had actually met on Bumble and after talking for a day or so online, Vince asked Alex out for a date to the movies offline.  Well, Vince’s choice of movie was a little questionable, as verses a romantic comedy, he took Alex to see the movie IT, a scary thriller.  A little confused by his choice of movie, Alex was still a good sport and sat through it.  Realizing he may have made the incorrect choice of a movie selection, Vince wanted to make up for it on their second date when he asked her to go bowling the next day.  Bowling, laughing, and talking well into the night, the two shut down the bar and had a fun time on the lanes.  Realizing that they may have found something special, the two continued to date and fell in love.  To this day, that same bar “Lucky’s” is their favorite spot!

What They Love Most

There are so many things that Alex loves about Vince, from having the kindest heart to wanting the best for her and everyone around him.  As Alex explains, Vince “empowers me to the be the best version of myself by supporting my wild ideas and encouraging me to do the things that make me happy.”  For Vince, he loves how smart and caring Alex is, along with how she can always make him laugh.  However out of the many traits he loves, he loves how supportive she is the most.  As Vince explains, “if there’s something I’m interested in, she’s there pushing me towards it.  And no matter way, Alex is always supportive in a way that makes me feel great about myself.”

Back at Lucky’s

Having spoken about marriage for sometime and even having picked out an engagement ring, Vince was still nervous about his proposal.  Knowing that he wanted to incorporate their second date at Lucky’s into the mix, where the two really first connected, Vince also didn’t want Alex to realize when he would be proposing.  Coming home from work with a dinner date planned, Alex quickly picked up on Vince being a nervous and became a little nervous herself.  After dinner, the two decided to grab drinks at Lucky’s where they could relax a bit.  After talking for a little bit inside, Vince asked to move the conversation outside as the bar was becoming a little bit loud with other patrons.  While he was still nervous, Vince was also ready to finally ask the girl of his dreams for her hand in marriage.  Getting down on one knee, he asked Alex to marry him, and of course she said, “yes!”  The two had to laugh immediately after, as Vince had placed the ring on Alex’s right hand out of all of his nervousness.  Finally able to relax the rest of the night, they settled in to more great conversation and celebrated with their friends who Vince had arranged to arrive later that night!  The best thing of it all, their favorite bartender snuck around the back and recorded the entire proposal.

Looking forward to capturing my sweethearts tie the knot this September at the Crescent Oaks Golf Club in Tarpon Springs, Florida!

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