Club Lake Plantation Engagement

Erin & Trenton’s Musical Club Lake Plantation Engagement

Erin and Trenton met me out at the beautiful Club Lake Plantation Wedding Venue in Apopka, Florida for their engagement session. My sweethearts will be wedding at the Club Lake Plantation as well, so it was absolutely the perfect spot for their engagement photos.

You may remember Erin and Trenton from their senior portraits or Trenton’s sister Rebekah’s wedding. I have inadvertently captured the two on multiple occasions, which has led to an amazing friendship. When Erin asked me to capture her wedding, I was so over the moon with joy to be a part of another monumental occasion in their lives.

August 8th of 2013 was a special day for the two, as it was the day they first met. Dayna, Trenton’s sister, had just had her darling baby girl in the hospital and Erin was over at her home helping babysit her son Joshua. Erin and her family had known the Netzorg family for many years, but recently reconnected after joining Emmaus church led by Pastor David, Trenton’s dad. Katrina and Trenton stopped by to check on things after football practice, which of course meant he was rather (and so I quote Erin), “smelly and groom, but still HOT!” Extremely shy, Trenton headed right to his room, but finally came out to make small talk with Erin. While he nodded only a little and was a bit short with his responses, it was all because he was nervous. Just like Erin, Trenton thought Erin was “HOT” as well and had even texted his friends that a “a hot babysitter was at his house.” Adding one another on Instagram, led to liking posts on Instagram, which eventually led to Trenton making his move in inviting Erin to a youth group at Emmaus. Erin of course joined in on the fun and it wasn’t long before an official first, second, an many more dates followed!

Sometimes what you love most about one another can be the exact same thing. For Erin and Trenton, it is truly their similarities that have brought them closer together as a couple, from just having fun together no matter what they are doing to their teamwork. It was clear to see how considerate each was from the many times I have seen them together, but even more so from their engagement. Trenton was always making sure Erin had what she needed, whether it was her guitar or help over the fence we climbed to head into the woods, while Erin would fix Trenton’s collar or lovingly move his hair out of his eyes.

Their three year anniversary on September 14th of 2016 was also a very special day in their lives. Trenton planned a romantic day filled with their ‘favorite things’ that started off with a nice homemade breakfast, canoeing at Wekiwa Springs and a picnic, fancy dinner at The Melting Pot, and watching their favorite movies at home. After dinner when they arrived back home, as they walked up to the front door, Trenton asked Erin about what she felt was her favorite moments were together as a couple since they had began dating. After reminiscing a little, Trenton turned to Erin and said, “I have an important question for you.” Dropping to one knee, Trenton took the engagement ring he had picked out for Erin out from his pocket and asked her to marry him, which she of course said, “yes!” What made the night even better was that their friends and family came over to celebrate too.

Wedding planning can be such an exciting time, but also a little stressful. With so much to plan, so much to do, and so much to check off your checklist, I love asking my couples what they keep in mind during the wedding planning process. Erin explained, “The best piece of advice we received would be that when planning for such a special day that starts a covenant for the rest of our lives, being in prayer and relying on the Lord is the best thing you can do to be prepared! It can be overwhelming, but when you trust G-d to work out the details, it gives you peace. Loving each other like Christ loves us through the good times and the ugliness is the more important and most helpful advice we have received/would give to others.”

Venue: Club Lake Plantation

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