Leu Gardens Family Photography

The Ripple Family at Leu Gardens

A love filled week, I was so incredibly excited for a portrait session at Harry P. Leu Gardens with one of my favorite families, the Ripples (and Jenkins!). You may remember this sweet family from Kelsey and Alex’s wedding at Timacuan Golf Club!

Kelsey and Alex are very dear to my heart, from getting to know the two during their rustic engagement at Highland Manor Apopka to their second dreamy engagement session at Smyrna Dunes Park. When the wedding came, it was amazing to finally meet both Kelsey and Alex’s family that I had heard so much about.

Let me just begin that Mr. Ripple is well… a photography assistant in training. His rather comical way of making his kids laugh was perfect for the camera, but more perfect for when they were able to tease him back. Mrs. Ripple, or as I coined her the matriarch of the family, was truly the center of it all though. The love her kids and hubby felt for her was clear as day.

Venturing through Leu Gardens with a general plan in mind, we did different shots of the group together and as couples. From the “outlaws” to “couples” to “sisters” my sweet family now has a variety of shots to frame and share. Looking forward to many more years capturing the Ripples and Jenkins!

Venue: Harry P. Leu Gardens

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