Cypress Grove Estate House One Year Anniversary

Lina & Caleb’s One Year Anniversary at Cypress Grove Estate House

Lina and Caleb met me out at the beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House for their darling holiday session with their pup Sammy. You may remember my sweethearts from their LDS Orlando Temple wedding in Windermere, Florida back in June of last year.

I love keeping in touch with my couples and Lina and Caleb have become very dear to me. From first capturing their engagement to their wedding day and now just a little over a year later their holiday session, has been absolutely amazing. I have seen their family grow to three with the adoption of their pup Sammy and love visiting with the two when they are in town from New Mexico where Caleb is based.

Tying the knot is an amazing milestone in one’s life and I just had to know how life has been for my sweethearts since taking the leap of faith. “Unconditional love and a best friend no matter what happens” is what Caleb loves most about married life, while Lina loves the fact she doesn’t have to say “see you tomorrow” as she gets to spend every day with Caleb.

Now married for a little over a year, I asked my sweethearts what their best piece of advice would be for other couples who have recently tied the knot as well and are going into their first year of marriage, “the advice that I would give is have patience for one another and to always remember the love that you have for each other. There will always be good times and bad times, but it is important to listen and to care for each other.” Their heartfelt response is so incredibly empowering in the understanding that love is sustainable, but needs patience and remembrance to continue to grow.

Little Sammy has brought additional love into the lives of Caleb and Lina. Adopted during an adoption event at their local PetSmart, the two fell in love with him right away. After taking him out of the crate and playing for a few minutes, they both knew they had found “the one” and adopted little Sammy. As Lina reminisces, “we decided to bring Sammy home and ever since he has been our little baby and we love him with all of our hearts.”

Wishing my darlings a happy holiday season and safe trip back home to New Mexico!

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House at Cypress Grove Park


  1. Well, I am not sure where to even start, we met Samantha the first time when we did our engagement photos and from day 1 we knew she was the one that we want it to capture our most precious moments in life. She got to know me and my husband individually and also ask about our families and any special request that we had for out special day. Our wedding day pictures were spectacular and amazing :), she was able to capture very special moments of our special day and thanks to her we are able to remember one of the most wonderful days of our life’s. Now having a new member of our little family we decided to capture with Samatha a special moment in our life and show how much Sammy means to our family, once more she as able to make the day special and about us and able to capture amazing memories that we will cheer on forever. Great photographer and friend 🙂 – Thank you for everything and she would always be our photographer for special events in the future and to help us make new memories.

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