Downtown Mount Dora Engagement

Shelby & Tyler’s Downtown Mount Dora Engagement

Shelby and Tyler met me out in the heart of downtown Mount Dora, not far from where Shelby’s mom lives, for an adorably cute engagement with their pug puppy Thor.  Between the sun setting and the little shops we found to use as a backdrop along the way, their session was filled with stunningly sweet moments.

My sweethearts first met while attending Lake Sumter State College.  Both on athletic scholarships, the two were bound to meet one day as many of the sports teams hung out together.  Tyler caught Shelby’s eye and after connecting on Facebook decided to go on a date, which led to many more.  Of course, college soon ended and after Lake Sumter the two dated long distance while Tyler played baseball in Miami and Shelby continued her degree in Orlando.  Working between two busy schedules for the past two years has been challenging, but truly it also created a strong bond as they realized they could overcome all obstacles.

Dating long distance was actually not the hardest challenge to overcome that Tyler faced to date Shelby – it was her dad!  When Shelby first introduced Tyler to her dad, he asked Tyler if he wanted to meet ‘The Judge,’ i.e. the not so sweet side and very protective version of his normal personality.  Tyler took ‘The Judge’ like a champ and Shelby’s dad now brings only brings out his soft side, well sometimes hehe.

Tyler’s smile drew Shelby in, but it is the way he makes her smile that she loves most.  Whether it is surprise picnic he planned at sunset on the beach or simply helping out with the little things around the house, like doing dishes, he puts his all in his love for Shelby and their relationship.  Shelby’s happiness truly radiates and captivates all around her.  Tyler of course is no exception and as he explains it, Shelby “makes me happy no matter the situation.  Even if I am coming home for a long day at work, the second I walk through the door seeing her changes everything.”  Oh and of course little Thor can bring a smile to a long day for both of them, however more on Thor later!

Spending time with one another, Shelby went with Tyler to Washington D.C. for a work conference.  Catching up on Netflix and hanging out until she planned to meet up with her friend Chelsea who lived in D.C., Tyler had actually made plans for Chelsea to help out with his surprise proposal, which of course Shelby knew nothing about!  Meeting up for the day, the three went to a baseball game, dinner, and Christmas photos at Meridian Hill Park to end the night.  An annual tradition, Tyler creates a picture calendar and of course “running behind on the creation,” so he said, needed to grab a quick picture in the picturesque park.

Hiding the ring in her purse for Tyler, Chelsea gave it back right when they got to the park.  Camera in hand that she switched to video mode, Tyler brought Shelby over to a beautiful spot for the perfect shot for their calendar.  However, before Shelby even realized it, Tyler had dropped to one knee and told her that had a surprise for her that he had been hiding for a good reason.  Of course Shelby said, “yes” to truly the best surprise in their relationship yet!

Thor, Shelby and Tyler’s pup, has the personality and sweetness of the absolute opposite of what you would expect his name would represent.  During our session, kids and couples came running over to pet him, which of course he soaked in every moment of – I mean it wasn’t really my couple’s engagement session, just more of a doggy glamour shoot haha!  While he definitely was the star of the show, we also had time for our couple alone afterwards when Thor headed off with Shelby’s mom to be spoiled with treats at the nearby doggie shop.  A recent edition to their family, the two found Thor online while looking to adopt.  Having found him on a Wednesday, and working all day Thursday, the two were worried that he would be adopted before the day was over since pugs are quite the hot commodity.  I mean seriously how cute on their little noses!  Tyler’s dad helped my sweethearts out by picking up Thor from the shelter and brought him over as an early Christmas gift.  Falling in love instantly, Thor fit perfectly with their family.  As Shelby explains it. “Thor has been happily snuggling up to us and making sure we DON’T forget 5:00 feeding time.  He also goes Super Pug occasionally zipping through the house all happy and excited, his version of living up to his superhero name.”  Thor also wanted to weigh in, saying that he’s “happy his parents are finally getting married!”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot next October at the beautiful Heritage Springs Country Club in Trinity, Florida!

Venue: Downtown Mount Dora

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