Nathaly & Hansel’s Leu Gardens Engagement

During a holiday trip down to visit Nathaly’s parents, Nathaly and Hansel made a quick trip to Leu Gardens for their engagement session, along with their two daughters.  The beauty of the gardens weathered the storm so well after our recent hurricanes, and it was such a treat to act as a little tour guide for my out of town sweethearts.

Nathaly and Hansel are actually high school sweethearts and lucked out by having a mutual friend introduce the two of them.  Their love continued to blossom after high school as they began building a life together.

Hansel’s natural ability to make Nathaly smile and laugh, along with his incredible patience, drew her in and became the characteristics she loves most about him.  For Hansel, Nathaly’s way of how she takes care of him and their family, along with of course how stunningly beautiful she is, are his favorite things about Nathaly.  As Hansel explains, through their love they have always “easily grown together.”

While out for a night on the town including a Broadway show and dinner, the two visit a spot they loved to go to in Edgewater when they first started dating.  Taking the time to reminisce, Hansel turned to Nathaly and asked her to marry him.  Completely shocked and overjoyed, Nathaly of course said yes… oh and started crying happy tears of joy!

Wishing my sweethearts and their amazing little family a beautiful life together!

Venue: Leu Gardens

Leu Gardens Leu Gardens Leu Gardens Leu Gardens Leu Gardens Leu Gardens

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