Karla & Austin’s One Year Anniversary

Karla and Austin met me out in the heart of Winter Park at Mead Botanical Garden for their one year anniversary session and holiday portraits.  Bringing along their eight-month-old puppy, Luna, was such a treat to incorporate their little pup that had such a big personality in their portraits.

You may remember Karla and Austin’s wedding held in Jacksonville at their church and reception at the Ramona Pavilion Ballroom or from their downtown St. Augustine engagement.  It has been an incredible journey getting to know my couple and to be a part of their lives for celebrating an additional milestone of their anniversary and capturing their puppy’s portraits.

For my darlings, life has changed in a lot of ways since tying the knot.  As Karla explains it, “we still cant believe we have to be adults now, depend on each other now, and cannot run to our parents when there is an issue.”  ‘Adulting’ through married life has moved along aspects of maturity and responsibility from money management and how they handle situations together.  However as challenging as situations can be, it has also been fun for Karla and Austin to experience this journey through marriage together.

I asked Karla and Austin when looking back on the planning process for your wedding, what would you recommend to other ‘soon to be’s’?  Or course, Karla being ever so insightful explained that you should “enjoy your engagement stage!”  Your wedding day will go so fast, but “don’t stress about the little things, because they won’t matter on the actual day and remember the reason behind all the chaos – you’re marrying the love of your life.”  I couldn’t agree more!

Jumping back to another change in their lives, Luna.  Little Luna was quite the character and her puppy personality shined through in every image from her intrigue of her surroundings to all of the new smells at the gardens.  This little crazy beagle mix loves playing her toys and even speaking up (well really back) when mom and dad say “no.”  Cuddling up with Karla and Austin in their arms, it was clear as day that Luna had found her ‘forever’ family.

Venue: Mead Botanical Garden

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