Ericka & Jason’s Country Engagement

Ericka and Jason met me out at Jason’s childhood home for a few engagement portraits before taking me over to their family’s local cow pasture where they raise the cutest, furry brown and black cows.  Just a few acres away from the pasture, the two will be building a home of their own and shared their first date under the twinkling stars in that very same spot.

Having met through a mutual friend Ericka was living with at the time, she didn’t think of Jason as much more than an acquaintance at first.  After they first me though, he started coming over every other day or so and on Valentine’s Day in 2008 stayed around for dinner that night with a few of their other friends.  Hanging out all night, the two ended up deciding to go on a first date the next day on that very same cow pasture where we took their engagement photos.

Ericka fell head over heels with Jason as she got to know him more and more.  His willingness to “help anyone at any time” and to “give you his last dollar if he felt you needed it most” is what she fell in love with most.  That unending compassion Jason has for his family, friends, and others truly drew Ericka in and has been one of the foundational blocks for their love to grow on.  Ericka’s “perseverance and intelligence” is what caught Jason’s eye from the beginning.  From the moment they met, their conversation flowed so easily and Jason could tell how Ericka’s drive to never quit and always achieve what she set her mind to was a key characteristic who made Ericka who she was.

From that one fateful Valentine’s Day in 2008, the two had a love that continued to grow for the next six years and still continues to do so each and every day.  After six years of dating, they started talking about marriage, but it wasn’t until the eight year mark when Jason surprised Ericka with the best birthday present on November 13th.  Planning on popping the question while out with their friends and family for dinner, Jason couldn’t resist keeping his secret a secret for any longer and ended up asking Ericka to marry him at their home before departing to dinner.  Pulling her aside after she finished getting ready, he asked for her hand in marriage, and it was absolutely perfect because it was absolutely Jason!  Of course she said, “yes” and the two started planning their special day!

Wishing these two an amazing year of planning and beautiful life together!

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