Loryn & Brady’s Downtown Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Loryn and Brady met me out in the heart of downtown Winter Garden for their engagement session.  Brick roads, railroad tracks, and the historic buildings of the little town was the perfect backdrop for my couple’s vision for their engagement session

Labor Day has become a special day for Loryn and Brady, as it was the time of year when they first met.  Out with three of her best friends at The Parkview on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Brady was incredibly brave to approach the girls that night to introduce himself.  Loryn and Brady clicked right away and he tagged along with their group throughout the night.  Before heading back to Jacksonville the next day, Brady made it a point to grab breakfast with Loryn, which began the start of their long distance relationship.

Long distance didn’t last for long though, as Brady was transferred down to Orlando last spring.  The two made a commitment though during that time to see one another regularly on the weekends, which led to building a beautiful foundation for their love to build upon from the start.

For Loryn, Brady’s patience is never ending and what she loves most.  Her extrovert personality and as she puts it being a “bit of a handful” never seems to frazzle Brady.  He loves her for who she is and as Loryn explains, “there’s a kindness to him that can’t be ignored, as well as strength of spirit and a confidence of self that I admire.”

For Brady, it is Loryn’s “devotion to what she believes in and what she wants” that he admires the most.  As a teacher, Loryn faces daily challenges, but her devotion to her career and students drives her forward to share her gift.  As Brady explains it, “Seeing these families pour over how much Loryn has helped their children blew me away.  She inspires me every day to be a better person, and I feel like I can take on anything with her by my side.

With marriage insight, the two had already started planning out their wedding before the actual proposal.  While on a venue visit to Kraft Azalae Park to look at their ceremony location, unbeknownst to Loryn that Brady had been there before and planned out his proposal.  Loryn’s parents in tow, the four walked around the park to the beautiful stone pillars right in front of the water.  At that moment, Brady knew it was the right time and got down on one knee to ask for Loryn’s hand in marriage.  Of course, Loryn wholeheartedly said, “yes.”  That special spot will not only be where their proposal was sealed, but also their first kiss when they said, “I do!”

For newly engaged couples tying with a short proposal time like my sweethearts, Loryn and Brady recommend limiting the amount of advice and feedback about wedding planning that you take in.  While it may help, you decision for how the two of you showcase your love on your special day should be based on what your heart is telling you.

*Note the railroad tracks used in these images is a non-working railroad that is disconnected at the start and end, i.e. for prop purposes only.

Venue: Downtown Winter Garden

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