Winter Garden Engagement

Megan and Grant’s Downtown Winter Garden Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

Megan and Grant met Whitney out in Downtown Winter Garden for their sweet engagement session!  A special spot, the two love visiting for date days.

How They Met

We met in early 2015 in Lakeland, Florida. We took a crazy leap of faith and moved to New Orleans together after only having been together for a month and have been inseparable since!

What They Love Most

Grant about Megan: What Grant loves the most about Megan is her drive and ambition to always accomplish the things she sets her mind to.

Megan about Grant: What Megan loves the most about Grant is his ability to make her laugh even in the most troubling of times.

The Proposal

Grant proposed the day before Christmas Eve 2019 with family all around. Engagement was something that everyone knew was coming at some point, and it had been discussed for the last year regularly, so the topic was not a surprise. Megan wanted to use her grandmother’s ring after her passing years ago, and knew it was an option because her mother had it in her possession. Over the Christmas holiday, Megan’s mother promised to bring the ring on her visit so Megan could see it up close and decide if this would be the ring she wanted to use rather than having Grant get a brand new one – BUT, on the trip, she told Megan she forgot the ring at home by mistake! Megan thought for sure there was no way they would get engaged on this trip without that ring.

Unbeknownst to Megan, the ring was in her mother’s purse safe and sound the entire time. After showing it to other members of Megan’s family and her friends, everyone knew this ring would be the perfect fit – it was exactly what she was looking for when she was browsing ring sites! On December 23rd, Megan had been cooking and baking for the family and watching holiday movies. She changed into lounge clothes and settled in with her glass of wine… only to find Grant on one knee asking her to spend forever with him, with her treasured grandmother’s ring!

Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Downtown Winter Garden Engagement Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

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