Winter Park Engagement

Maggie & Paul’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Winter Park Engagement

Maggie and Paul met our photographer Dawn out at Leu Gardens for their gorgeous Winter Park engagement!

How They Met

Maggie and Paul met while in graduate school working towards their Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Florida Gulf Cost University.  During the beginning of class Paul arrived early (as he always does) and left his backpack on the seat and stepped out of class. Maggie came right before class began and sat next to his backpack, not knowing who it belonged to. Little did she know, the backpack belonged to her future husband! Maggie and Paul later that class were put into a group together, and the rest was history. Now, the couple lives in Orlando with their poodle Oliver thankful that graduate school in a different city brought them together!

What They Love Most

Maggie’s answer about Paul: Paul is the most accepting and kind person I have ever met. He is also the goofiest, which matches my goofiness perfectly. I am rather loud and “out there” and Paul’s more laid back personality balances me out. I feel safe and loved more than I ever have with him by my side! We are truly best friends and each others weirdos. We have been through a lot of different stages of life together, living away from family, getting a dog, graduate school, starting career, etc… and we have only gotten stronger.

Paul’s answer about Maggie: I love how incredibly kind and passionate and sweet she is with everyone. She is genuine and accepting and an amazing listener. I feel like I am able to be my true self with you and I never have to hold back. I feel like she makes me strive to be the best person I can be.

The Proposal

Paul had the ring designed by a jeweler who also was a family friend. When travelling to Tampa to visit family, Paul picked up the ring. Paul had a very elaborate engagement plan ready for a couple of months down the road that involved proposing to Maggie while on vacation in Georgia. Well, when Paul had the ring in his possession, he couldn’t wait! On the drive home the same weekend he picked it up he looked for every excuse to stop at a park or lake to propose (Maggie had no idea and was in a rush because they were running late for dinner with her family back in Orlando!) Paul finally convinced Maggie to take a selfie on her neighborhood lake dock right as the sun was setting (which Maggie was not understanding why we were doing lol). This is where Paul got on one knee and asked the best question ever! Between, “oh my gosh I am going to pass out” and “is this really happening” Maggie said Heck Yes!!!

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