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Rachel & Danielle’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Leu Gardens Engagement

Rachel and Danielle met me out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their darling engagement session.  With rainy weather in store the night before, we lucked out with clear skies just long enough to capture their gorgeous engagement!

By route of mutual friends, Rachael and Danielle finally met after four months of convincing from their friends who just knew they would be a perfect pair.  Meeting one another for the first time on April 2nd of 2018, their perfect romance didn’t hit the ground running right away. Danielle actually had a date that night planned, but not with Rachel.  Leaving the party early to attend her date, the two met again the next day during another group hang out.  Danielle had an inkling that Rachel was more than just a possible new friend, and after hanging out for a second knew she had to see more of her.

Both falling in love with how they “can be ourselves with one another,” they are never afraid to say what they want or act silly.  As Danielle explains, “we love to be silly and go on crazy adventures together.”

Their adventures together as a couple, soon turned to a forever journey when Danielle proposed.  While visiting Danielle’s family in Alabama, Danielle picked out a perfect little spot in the woods on her parent’s property to propose to Rachel.  Walking up to the proposal, Rachel was greeted with a banner denoting both of their names and her absolutely favorite flowers.  And of course, Rachel said, “yes!”

Leu Gardens Engagement Leu Gardens Engagement Leu Gardens Engagement Leu Gardens Engagement Leu Gardens Engagement Leu Gardens EngagementRachel shared that they “are so excited to get married and look forward to spending our special day with our family and friends!”  I must agree, that is what it is all about, love, family, and friendship!

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