Downtown Winter Garden

Kristi & Tom’s Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

From rain showers to shining sun, Kristi and Tom’s engagement was most certainly an adventure to say the least!  Fighting back impending storms, and crazy downtown crowds, my couple’s engagement session took twists and turns as we scheduled new times and new locations during the day of, which truly turned out spectacular in downtown Winter Garden!

From Online to In-Person

Online dating has truly been a beautiful resource for so many of my couples to find true love.  For Kristi and Tom, they met by chance on Bumble and realized right away what a connection that had.  Both from the Midwest, lovers of Seinfeld, ties to Indianapolis, and both actuaries, they couldn’t believe how much they had in common.  Soon after chatting online, Tom asked Kristi out on an in-person date to get to know one another better.  Kristi jokingly reminisces that, “it’s hard to find someone who knows what an actuary is, let alone can commiserate about how awful the exams are!”  Meeting in person was by far the best decision they had ever made in their lives, as they truly found their forever in one another.


For Tom, finding Kristi was like a diamond in the ruff.  In one word when asking him about what he loves most, he simply put, “everything.”  She has become his soulmate, best friend, and of course the love of his life.  Kristi feels the same way about Tom, and loves how thoughtful he is.  From making breakfast every morning, helping with little things like carrying groceries, and finding new ways each and every day to make Kristi feel loved and special, he truly shows how much he cares for her.

Your Amazon Package has Arrived…

Of course, as you can tell these two were meant to be together.  Both knew it very quickly into their relationship, and while spending Christmas with their families this past year, he proposed. On Christmas Eve, after attending church and having a family dinner, the two families sat down to open presents by the Christmas tree.  Sneakily wrapping an Amazon gift box to through Kristi off, Tom made sure it was the last present opened of the bunch.  As Kristi struggled to pull off the tape, Tom got down on one knee (very sneaky!) to “help” her open the box.  Once finally opened, she found the box to be filled with tissue paper and a ring box in the center.  Looking up at Tom, she realized that he was not only on one knee “helping her open” the present, but was also proposing to her and of course, she said “yes!”

Avid planners, Kristi and Tom mentioned the best piece of advice they have for other couples planning their big day would be to plan as much as possible as early as possible.  That way you can enjoy the months leading up to your big day without worrying about last minute items!

Looking forward to capturing Kristi and Tom tie the knot this coming December!

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