Teresa & Troy’s Fuchsia and Blue Engagement

Leu Gardens Engagement

Teresa and Troy met me out in the heart of Winter Park at Leu Gardens for their vibrant fuchsia and blue engagement.  Exploring new areas, like the bamboo forest and azalea trees, we were on the hunt for incorporating beautiful foliage into the backdrop of their engagement.

From Roommates to True Love

My couple’s love story began twelve years ago when they met at Discovery Cove.  Friends for sometime, it wasn’t until a few years later when a mutual friend recommended that they should be roommates, as both were in search of a new place.  Moving in together, love soon ensued and these roomies became so much more.  Realizing that they were meant to be together, their love continued to flourish and they have been inseparable ever since.

Falling in Love

Falling in love with Troy’s sense of humor and continuous unending support, Teresa could not picture her life without him.  Through her adventures and dreams, Troy has been along for the ride; supporting her through and through.  For Troy, he fell in love with Teresa’s determination and focus to constantly achieve her goals in life.  He also loves and appreciates how she balances the time they have together in making memories as a couple.

Bilmar Beach Resort Proposal

Bilmar Beach Resort has become a special place for Teresa and Troy.  It is where they will soon tie the knot in just under a year, and also where Troy proposed.  Flashback with me to Troy’s proposal; the two were spending the weekend at the Bilmar for Teresa’s birthday – or so she thought that was the goal in mind. From dining out to enjoying the blue ocean and white sands together on their mini-getaway, Troy knew that the time would be right when why went for a walk at sunset.  Walking along the water as the beach began to set, Troy asked Teresa if she would like to take a photo, which was really just a rouse to pause for a moment so he could pop the question.  Of course, Teresa said, “yes!”

Now, you may noticed that I have included a shot of Teresa’s absolutely stunning engagement ring.  Well, it has a history behind it.  The ring was actually Troy’s mother’s ring that she handed down to him for Teresa.  Using the diamond from the family heirloom, he had the stone placed in a new setting based off of Teresa’s style.  A complete surprise, and very sentimental, ring – it is absolutely perfect!


Venue: Leu Gardens

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