Dubsdread Golf Course Wedding

Christine & Jesse’s Dubsdread Golf Course Wedding

Christine and Jesse tied the knot during their Dubsdread wedding in Orlando, Florida. My sweethearts actually met back in high school in 10th grade English class. As luck may have it the teacher had assigned the class to work in pairs to complete a literature paper. Paired up by their teacher, the two exchanged numbers to work on the paper together. It wasn’t long before a crush ensued and soon the two went from study buddies to high school sweethearts.

Young love soon turned into a long term relationship as the two graduated high school and moved on together in the next chapter of their lives. Jesse knew it was the right time to propose to Christine and asked for her to marry him while at their home. Sitting on the couch, snuggled up together, Jessie took out a little ring box and asked for his darling’s hand in marriage. Of course Christine said “yes” and the wedding planning began.

First thing to do when planning your wedding… grab mom! Lori Drazen, Christine’s amazing mom, helped plan out Christine’s special day. I feel so lucky she found me on Facebook and honored she selected me to capture her daughter’s wedding. Christine and Lori truly created a beautiful ‘poetic romance’ wedding theme as I like to call it. From antique books with ink pens and feathers as table centerpieces to light baby blue bridesmaid dresses, Jesse and Christine’s wedding theme felt like a love novel.

Our day started off with photographing Christine’s details upon her arrival and capturing her putting on her gown. I just love the white batten board of the historic Dubsdread ballroom as a backdrop for Christine’s dress. Turning her bridesmaid’s dress inside out, we used the beautiful light pastel blue as a backdrop for Christine’s details. From diamond earrings to a lace garter, her details all felt very feminine and romantic.

After capturing Christine’s details, we headed back into the bridal suite for Christine to put on her dress. A very sweet moment that I just loved was her dad seeing her for a ‘daddy daughter first look.’ It was incredibly beautiful as tears poured out between her and her dad.

Prior to the ceremony beginning, Christine and Jesse also shared a first look together. Tears flowed down again from Christine’s eyes as she saw Jesse for the first time. Underneath the oak trees where their ceremony was about to take place, the moment of realization that all of their planning, love, and time together was about to be shared with friends and family through officially becoming Mrs. and Mr. Musick official hit them. Christine couldn’t hold back her tears and as Jesse brought her in tightly he kissed his darling gently on her head. While the moment may seem small, it was monumental in defining their love. Her protector and confidant, Christine was ready to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams.

As guests flowed in to sit down for the ceremony, Jesse lined up with his groomsmen and Christine with her bridesmaids. Jon with Once Upon a Wedding helped guide my sweethearts through their ceremony as the two held back more tears. After a beautiful sand pouring tradition, exchanging vows, and sharing a first kiss, it was finally time for formal portraits with family and their wedding party.

A windy day with a cool breeze made for a perfect day. Christine and her girls laughed as I had them ‘Beyonce walking it out’ up and down the courtyard. Back inside guests were mingling until sitting down for our newlyweds grand entrance for their first dance.

Christine was one lucky girl, as she had the opportunity to share a dance with each of her father’s while her mom Lori looked on. Jesse shared a dance with his mom, which soon followed with toasts by their best man and maid of honor. Our day ended with a last dance and goodbye hugs from all of their loved ones. Wishing these two an incredible journey through life together and safe arrival back home from their cruise honeymoon!


Venue: Dubsdread Golf Course

Caterer: Dubsdread Catering

Officiant: Once Upon A Wedding

Florist: Lake Mary Florist

Cake: Cake Designers

DJ: Chuck Johnson

Rings: Kay Jewelers

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