Moss Park Engagement

Emily and Billy’s Moss Park Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Emily Atwood and Billy Akos met me out at Moss Park in Lake Nona for their woodsy engagement session. The two chose Moss Park, because it will soon be a part of their future, as they are looking to purchase a home in the area. Emily and Billy love going camping at the park and have spent “countless picnics” there together. As Emily describes it, “it’s one of those places where we just feel comfortable, so it was a no brainer that we take our engagement photos out there!”

My sweethearts actually met through Billy’s older sister who is a youth minister at their church. While on a mission trip to North Carolina together along with their church in June of 2012, the two were able to connect over their faith and realized how much they had in common. A beautiful friendship began that soon turned into a blossoming relationship six months later on New Year’s Eve when Billy asked Emily to be his girlfriend.” Truly my darlings have faith in their lord that through Billy’s “sister God led us to each other and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing fiancé and best friend.”

There is just something beautiful in a romance that starts out as a friendship. Billy truly couldn’t decide the one characteristic he loved most about Emily, but when they sat down together they realized they both loved one the thing the most about one another – family. Truly both Billy and Emily agreed that, “we both love how much we take care of each other and each other’s family. We are both so lucky to be close to our families… and we both would do anything and drop everything to help anyone in our family.” The same can be said for their families loving the two of them, as Emily has felt from the beginning that she was immediately accepted into Billy’s family from the beginning as one of their own and vice versa.

True to their love of spending time outdoors hunting and fishing, Billy knew he wanted to propose to Emily on a camping trip together. On April 16, 2016 Billy’s family invited Billy and Emily to tag along on a hunting trip. While walking together on a trail in the woods, Billy stopped Emily and said “quick baby look over there I see something in the woods!” Emily turned to see what Billy was looking at and realized there were two camouflaged signs side by side with orange writing that said “The hunt is over, our life together forever begins April 16th, 2016” and “Emily will you marry me?” Emily was in complete shock, excitement, and absolute love. She turned back to Billy and of course said “yes,” but more of a really excited “yes” and jumped into his arms. Billy’s family had been hiding the whole time and shot off a celebratory gun shot as they came out of the woods. Billy quickly slipped the most beautiful diamond ring onto Emily’s finger since she couldn’t stop shaking from excitement. As Emily remembers the moment, “I couldn’t stop shaking and smiling so much that my face was literally sore for the next 72 hours. I found out later that he had designed the ring himself, had it blessed by our priest, and had asked my parents blessing to marry me. He had literally thought of all the things that meant the most to me in planning this. It was the most wonderful surprise of my entire life and I honestly had no idea it was going to happen right then and there!”

With the hunt officially “over” my two sweethearts ventured back to the campfire for a little bit of snuggle time by the campfire. Looking forward to our team photographer Whitney capture my darlings tying the knot this June at the Blessed Trinity Catholic Church and celebrating the night away at Pines of Windermere!

Venue: Moss Park

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