Nicolette and Branden’s Leu Gardens Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Nicolette and Branden will be tying the knot in just a few short months, but in the meantime met me out at the ceremony venue for a lovely garden engagement.

Having met back in 2007 at Florida Gulf Coast University, the two connected over both being Resident Assistants. From friends to dating, it is incredible how just over ten years has flown by so quickly!

Nicolette fell in love with how Branden encourages and supports her, from schooling to her career, he has always been by her side cheering her on to be the best that she can be. Of course, she also loves the way he makes her laugh, which was clear as day during their engagement. Nicolette could light up a room with her smile, especially if Branden is making her laugh!

For Branden, Nicolette’s sense of self in being who she is both silly and wacky is what he loves most. She is confident in herself and her relationships with her friends, family, and of course the two of them. Through this confidence, Nicolette shows so much care and love to those around her.

Before Florida, the two lived in the big apple, New York City, and more specifically an apartment in the area of Hell’s Kitchen. Austin, Nicolette’s brother, made arrangements to visit the two, which “just so happened” to correspond with Nicolette and Branden’s other friends coming into town at the very same time. Jaret, Branden’s cousin, and his wife were also making a “surprise” visit and called Nicolette in advance to keep it a secret from Branden. Little did Nicolette know that the secret surprise was the other way around!

Austin assisted in the surprise on the special night by bringing Nicolette out on her balcony. Overlooking the city, her favorite building was one hotel in the distance that she called “blue light,” as it shined brightly in the night sky. Looking over the balcony, Nicolette was surprised to see their friends and family gathered below in the courtyard restaurant, however what really surprised her about the group was that her sister was also below! Turning around in utter shock and excitement to look for Branden, she found him on one knee proposing. Of course, Nicolette said,”yes” and the two joined all of their loved ones for a wonderful night filled with dining and dancing. As Nicolette reminisces, “it was the most romantic night of our lives (so far)!”

Venue: Harry P. Leu Gardens

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