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Megan & Keaton’s Mead Gardens Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Traveling in from Georgia for wedding planning and to visit family, I caught up with Megan and Keaton at Mead Gardens for their gorgeous engagement!

In just a few days, Megan and Keaton will officially celebrate their third year of when they first met back in May of 2015 at a local bar in downtown Savannah, Rusty Rudders, while out celebrating Cinco de Mayo with their friends.  Seeing Megan across the room, Keaton walked over and asked her to play a game of corn hole with him, which led to spending the rest of the night talking, playing pool and enjoying the waterfront view.  From that very first moment, it felt like they had known each other for forever and it was not only fate that brought them together, but a history of love throughout the ages.

Keaton fell in love with how strong willed and intelligent Megan is, and as he explains “she has made every moment together amazing and has been the perfect partner for all of life’s adventures.  For Megan, it is Keaton’s “compassion” towards both her and everyone around him which she fell head over heels for.  Always willing to go above and beyond to help those around him, he never gives up.  Of course, Megan also loves how much Keaton loves their “furry children” of their dogs and cats.

Having just moved to Savannah, Megan asked Keaton to take her out a restaurant she wanted to visit, Elizabeth’s on 37th, for dinner.  Little did she know that Keaton had much more in store than just a nice dinner out.  After enjoy their meal, Keaton suggested they walk around downtown Savannah and visit the squares.  Taking her to Calhoun Square, a special square where they had spent time on their first date at, Keaton took Megan’s hand and asked her to marry him.  Completely surprised and overjoyed, Megan of course said, “yes!”

The sunny stated of Florida is truly my most favorite place to be, and soon to be where my sweethearts live.  Megan grew up in New Jersey and moved to Savannah to be closer to the beach, while Keaton grew up in Washington and was stationed in Savannah  Both coming from different parts of the country, they wanted their next chapter in life to be a new start in a place they had never lived.  While on vacation in Florida, they fell in love with the state, people, and myriad of adventurous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year round.  Planning on making the move by the end of the year, Florida is not only where they will officially say “I do” to one another, but also where they will be able to say they live!

Looking forward to our team capturing Megan and Keaton tie the knot next year at the beautiful Marina Del Rey at Mission Inn!

Venue: Mead Botanical Gardens

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