Jen & Matt’s Mead Gardens Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Jen and Matt met me out in Orlando for their gorgeous Mead Gardens engagement session.  I love how dynamic the park is and we chose to go with a more adventurous theme exploring the rock jetty and other gorgeous areas.

The set up – where it all began!  Having met through a mutual friend at different parties the two would attend, their friend was dead set that Jen and Matt belonged together.  After a little convincing, she paired the two up at a dinner get-together for their friend group, which not long after led to the two texting one another.  From texting to their first official date, they decided to meet up outside of the friendly get-together for a one on date on January 31, 2016.  As Matt recalls, “the date couldn’t have gone better.  I knew it was special by how easy it was to talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company.  We talked about our families, things we loved to do, where we would travel, and even our favorite breakfast cereal.”  As the conversation flowed, the two realized they had stayed till the restaurant was ready to close.  Parting ways, both knew that a second date was soon to follow and as Jen explains, she has been on “cloud nine ever since that night!”

From their very first date, the two knew they had a real connection.  As their love grew for one another, each fell more deeply in love with different traits and characteristics of each other.  For Jen, Matt fell in love with how big Matt’s heart is.  His endless amount of care and generosity towards those he loves in the world is one of Jen’s favorite attributes.  As she explains, “I love how supportive and understanding he is.  I love that he truly treats “love” as a verb and approaches every second we have together as precious.”  For Matt, while he listed many things he loved about Jen from how beautiful she is inside and out to her kind heartedness, it is how she “amplifies the little things in life – those moments we take for granted that may seem routine,” which he loves most.  A perfect evening and time shared together can be something as little as grabbing a bottle of wine and picnic dinner while watching 80s cartoons or running to Lowe’s to grab new flowers to plant for Spring.  That everyday joy of life and living every moment is so hard to capture in words, but as Matt sweetly explains, “even the most mundane moments are memorable, life is made infinitely sweeter” with Jen.

While that first date sealed the deal for many more dates to follow, their love is what sealed the deal for forever.  Matt new that he wanted to propose to Jen and purchased ‘the ring’ to pop the question during their roadtrip to New England to see the leaves change.  While he had a general plan of proposing on their trip, Matt was still a little unsure of the logistics of when and where exactly.  During their second day of travel, the two drove from new Hampshire to Stowe, Vermont where they would hike up Moss Glen Falls.  Matt thought it would be the right time to propose, but quickly realized the hike might not happen when Jen realized she hadn’t packed her sneakers.  However with Jen always being optimistic and not want to let a little forgetfulness sabotage their hike up to the falls, she threw on her best flats and they started up the trail.  Now granted the entire time Jen was grabbing trees to keep going since by no means her shoes were for hiking, and of course she vowed to never hike in them again, they finally made it up the mountain safe and sound!

Matt had me laughing as he explained that by some miracle when they arrived to the top there was another couple there that he was able to sneak off for two seconds to ask them to take a picture while he proposed.  Jen not realizing the full conversation went along with the picture request, but noticed something a little off about Matt.  His heart was pounding!  Literally pounding out of his chest and while he thought he was just winded from their hike, was still a little worried.  Little did she know that his heart was pounding from nervousness and excitement of what was about to happen!  Turning to look at Jen, Matt began aying the words he had rehearsed for weeks and got down on one knee.  Pulling out the ring, he asked her to marry him.  Of course the sweet couple snapped away and all was caught on camera!  Totally worth the hike, while Jen’s flats may not have seen another day after their fateful hike, Jen and Matt would see everyday with one another for forever!

Looking forward to our team capturing these two tie the knot this September at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort!

Venue: Mead Botanical Gardens

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