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Bridal Tips: Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect dress for your special day can be very overwhelming.  There are so many styles of dresses (a-line, ballgown, etc.) and easily over a 1000 options for the types of detail on the dress (lace, sweetheart neckline, and the list goes on!).  This past weekend I had the opportunity to go with my bestie in her search for the “one” and thought I would pass along a few tips that made our search a breeze:

  1. Plan, plan, plan!  Make sure your MOH calls two months ahead to book your appointment and follows up one week prior.  Questions to ask when booking an appointment include: how many guests are allowed to come?  How many chairs will be available?  Will the bride have a personal assistant helping her with pulling dresses?  What is the bridal shop’s turnaround time for ordering and receiving dresses?
  2. Map it out!  We set our appointment schedule to allow for time at both bridal shops (two hours each) with a break in between for lunch.  This kept everyone happy and ensured that we had enough time between appointments.
  3. Style & Details – There are so many styles and details when it comes to wedding gowns.  Look online for the style you like and have your MOH provide style numbers and/or pictures for the bridal shop to pull prior to the appointment.  Having dresses ready to go when you arrive will ensure a fun day that isn’t filled with trying on dresses that don’t meet the look you are going for.  You are much more likely to find the one you love if you know a general idea of what you like.
  4. Enjoy the Moment! – You already know how much I push the importance of just enjoying yourself.  Your wedding day will only come once, so take in every moment that goes along with it.  The search for ‘the dress’ is a pivotal moment in the wedding planning process, as it is the dress your fiancé will see you walking down the aisle in, the dress you dreamed of as a little girl, and the dress you will look back at in your pictures for years to come.

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