Florida Botanical Gardens

Kristen & Jefferson’s Florida Botanical Gardens Engagement – Captured by Lori

Kristen and Jefferson took a stroll through the scenery for their Florida Botanical Gardens engagement.  It was such an honor to capture such precious moments for these lovebirds and we’re excited to do it again for their big day later this year!

How They Met

Kristen and Jefferson met at a job interview back in 2017 while Jefferson was moving back down to Florida after finishing school in Tennessee. At the time, Kristen was working a summer job at the bookstore before the new school year started. Their first interaction was in the children’s section where Kristen was sorting and putting away stuffed animals. After a few weeks of working together, they found a similar interest in a show, Game of Thrones and Jefferson used that as a way to text Kristen outside of work! They began talking to each other daily and soon that acquaintanceship would blossom into a relationship.

What They Love Most

Jefferson can’t think of one thing that he loves more about Kristen than another. He truly loves everything about her equally and endlessly. If he had to pick a few, he would say how much he loves the way they reach for each others hands while walking together, the way Kristen makes faces when she catches him stealing glances of her getting ready before an outing, or even her reaction to Jefferson holding the cat while walking around the house. He loves the good morning and good night kisses every single day of their relationship together. Let’s not forget the way Kristen is always there for him, even for the smallest of things, not to mention the biggest moments of his life. Kristen understands Jefferson’s joys and sorrows and for that he loves her forever and always.
Kristen knows that there isn’t even one thing not to love about Jefferson. She enjoys how passionate he is about his sports teams and how enthusiastic he gets when talking about all of his favorite things. Throughout their relationship together, Jefferson has taught Kristen so much about what he enjoys and because of that, they share so many common interests! She loves his laugh when he is truly comfortable and it’s just the two of them, how excited he gets to give people gifts, how incredibly loyal he is to his family and friends, and how sneaky he will be to do something sweet for her. Kristen knows that Jefferson is the one for her because he is truly a great partner and she always wants to be the best version of herself when they’re together.

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