Turtle Mound, New Smyrna

Kelsey & Rob’s Turtle Mound Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Kelsey and Rob joined us out in New Smyrna for their Turtle Mound engagement. They even brought their sweet little pup for some photos! We are so excited to be capturing their wedding later this year.

How They Met

It happened like any good love story… slowly at first, then all at once! Kelsey and Rob met about four years ago at work and instantly hit it off! They were friendly colleagues for almost three years and at the time, Rob lived in Orlando while Kelsey lived in Daytona. Rob had mentioned to Kelsey that he wanted to move to the beach and she convinced him to take a look at New Smyrna! Not even an hour later Rob called her, “I’m in!”

Once Rob moved to New Smyrna, the two of them grew closer until they were best friends and eventually in March of 2020 he made the move and they were official! Things moved quickly after since Kelsey and Rob already spent so much time together – Now they are living their ultimate fairytale!

What They Love Most

Kelsey loves Rob’s selfless nature and how genuinely kind he is to everyone he meets. Opposites attract and Rob has a very calming nature to him, keeping Kelsey grounded. He is the yin to her yang and truly the best person she knows!

Rob loves how caring and compassionate Kelsey is towards others. She is so incredibly nurturing and makes him feel loved and understood.

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