Sydney & Spencer’s Flower Garden Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Flower Garden Engagement

Sydney and Spencer met me out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their flower garden engagement.  Arriving at the gardens, little did we know that there would be a 9k+ guest attendance arriving throughout the day to attend the largest garden block party, where you could purchase an array of florals.  Working around the many guests, and incorporating a little bit of fun with the flowers for sale into our photos, we had a great time!

Meeting in Person

My sweethearts story began on Bumble, where the two connected online.  Chit chatting for a little bit, they unfortunately lost touch, until fate had another plan in mind.  Picking back up their conversation, they decided to meet up in person at a Florida Gators football game.  Planning to meet up at the Guesthouse for drinks, they quickly relocated to Firebirds where they could actually hear one another verses the chaos of tailgaters.  With the conversation flowing, they didn’t even realize how late it was and ended up talking well into the night.  Of course, Spencer was not going to let Sydney get away this time and asked her out on another date, which was followed by many more.

Falling in Love

Falling in love with how sweet Spencer is, Sydney explained that he always makes her feel loved each and every day.  Through Spencer’s support and love, he always lets Sydney be herself and of course keeps the laughs rolling too with his humor.  Best of all, he is an awesome “dog dad.”  For Spencer, he loves how caring and supportive Sydney is, along with her interest in staying active and participating in hobbies he loves.  As Spencer explains, “I love the fact that we agree about a lot of things and are 99% of the time on the same page.”  They truly just get one another!

PGA National Hotel Proposal

Flashback to Spencer’s proposal to Sydney, she absolutely never saw it coming since they had planned a little getaway for Spencer’s birthday.  Staying at the PGA National Hotel, the two had an amazing day of brunch, swimming, playing golf, getting massages, and enjoying a nice dinner out at Capital Grille before finally retiring in for the night back at the hotel.  Exhausted from the amazing day they had, Spencer asked Sydney to join him on a walk along the water, and while it took a little convincing to skip the pjs and come along, Sydney agreed.  Walking towards the water, Spencer’s plan B was soon enacted as there were too many ‘beware of alligator’ signs to count.  Making their way to a gorgeous fountain near the hotel, Spencer took Sydney’s hand and got down on one knee.  Asking for her hand in marriage, she was absolutely over the moon and of course said, “yes!!!”  Best of all, the two had an awesome second day of celebration as well, but this time with their friends and family.

Looking forward to our team capturing Sydney and Spencer tie the knot this coming January at the beautiful Historic Dubsdread Ballroom!

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