Winter Park Engagement

Gabby & Terry’s Spring Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Winter Park Engagement

Gabby and Terry met me out in the heart of Winter Park at beautiful Mead Botanical Gardens.  Wearing a floral dress and casual attire, it was the perfect complement to the vivacious garden backdrop.

Fate by Proximity

Like so many of my couples, online dating has opened the door to love for Gabby and Terry.  Having met on Tinder, a dating app, the two truly lucked out as Gabby just happened to be visiting her mom while using the app.  Her mom’s home is literally on the very edge of Terry’s vicinity in which he was searching for love.  If she hadn’t been at her mom’s house that one fateful day, the two may have never met!

What They Love Most

After taking their relationship offline, the two fell madly in love.  What Gabby loves most about Terry, is that he always makes her smile.  As she dotes on Terry, “he always has me laughing when I’m upset or just makes me even happier when I’m already in a good mood.”  Additionally, Gabby loves how she feels with Terry, a feel that can only be described as being home.  For Terry, he loves how supportive Gabby is of him, and as he explains, “basically, no matter where I was in my life, whether I didn’t have a job and now making more than I expected, she’s always been there and that’s helped me get to the point that I’m at.”

A Surprise Proposal

Throwing Gabby for a loop, she never saw the proposal coming!  After planning a cruise getaway for the two of them for Terry’s birthday, Terry knew that it would also be the perfect time to plan his proposal.  A few days into their cruise, Terry asked Gabby to take a picture with him on the night that they had dressed up in formal attire for the captain’s dinner.  Walking out on the balcony, Terry asked a nearby passenger to take their picture, but quietly whispered when Gabby turned away that it should actually be a video as he was about to propose.  Captured all on video, Terry diverted Gabby’s attention when he asked her to look away for a moment at the sunset and when she looked back he was on one knee.  Of course, Gabby said, “yes!” to Terry’s surprise proposal!

Looking forward to our team capturing Gabby and Terry tie the knot this coming October at Lake Receptions in Mount Dora!

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