Gemini Springs Engagement

Christine & Jesse’s Gemini Springs Engagement

Christine and Jesse met me out this past week for a beautiful, low key engagement at Gemini Springs Park in DeBary, Florida. The two love visiting the park with their pup and hiking the trails together. Fill with lush greenery of natural Florida foliage, a beautiful red barn, and sweet little hidden trails is what makes this park just so adorably charming.

The two actually are high school sweethearts and met back in English class when they were just sophomores. After spending years of being best friends, Jesse made the jump to ask Christine out on a date and they have been together ever since.

Both are very low key and just love spending quality time together at home as a family. True to their demeanor, Jesse knew he wanted to his proposal to be at home and an intimate moment for the two of them. One night while snuggling up on the couch, Jesse “popped the question,” as Christine puts it and she immediately said yes!

Christine loves Jesse’s encouragement and how he supports her in pushing herself to “go above and beyond to exceed her expectations for herself.” Jesse loves how Christine is always there for him, and “even when he is not doing his best, Christine is always there with her beautiful smile and adorable dimples.”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot later this year!

Venue: Gemini Springs Park

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  1. Gemini Springs Park is a great location for photos and it is great that you are using locations that are special to your engaged couples. The photos of them in the trees could be taken in a jungle and I would have had no idea they were so close to civilization. Florida is great.

  2. Oh – you did an amazing job taking the engagement photographs of this gorgeous couple. I loved the location you chose at Gemini Springs Park in Orlando – they really set the scene for each perfect image. My favorite images was your ring shot in the green ferns – perfection! Well done indeed.

  3. What a sweet story these two have! Being best friends first will serve them well. You captured their love perfectly in this beautiful engagement session. I love the variety in Gemini Springs park!

  4. Beautiful couple and great engagement session! Love her coral shirt – it’s such a great pop of color against all the green! Nice ring shots too!

  5. This Gemini Springs Park Engagement session is adorable! I love their connection you photographed in all of the images. The details are stunning!

  6. This is such a gorgeous engagement session! I love Gemini Springs Park, it is such a beautiful location! Your ring shots are absolutely amazing! I love the sparkle of the diamonds against the green leaves. Great job and I can’t wait to see their wedding photos!!

  7. Gemini Springs Park is gorgeous! I love the detail shots of the rings

  8. I love how happy and relaxed Christine and Jesse look in these photos (and that they are high school sweethearts – awww). Gemini Springs Park sure is a beautiful location for engagement photography in DeBary.

  9. The natural foliage of Florida never ceases to amaze me! Gemini Springs Park is a gorgeous location for an engagement session. I love how you incorporated the foliage into the session by using it to highlight the engagement ring. Great job!

  10. These are so cute! What a happy couple. And cute ring shots, too!

  11. These engagement portraits are so sweet <3 I love how you were able to capture this Orlando couple's connection with their photographs. I especially love the colors in the barn portraits!

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