Timacuan Golf and Country Club Wedding

Lauren & Jarod’s Silver and Purple Timacuan Golf Club Wedding

Lauren Doremus and Jarod Lee tied the knot during their glamorous wedding at the beautiful Timacuan Golf and Country Club. Known for its jaw dropping wooden beams, chandeliers, and marble bar, Timacuan is truly the perfect place for a glamorous wedding. My couple actually met when they were both in high school over ten years ago. Lauren had the biggest crush on Jarod and just couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t ask her on a date for the longest time. During a social gathering, Lauren’s friend approached Jarod and asked what the deal was and found out that Jarod would be possibly moving away. After finding out about her little crush, he asked her on a date and they have been inseparable ever since.

You may actually remember these two from their beautiful New Smyrna Dunes Park beach engagement. Seriously one of my silliest couples, they loved spending time cuddled in one another’s arms and laughing it up during our session. Their wedding day was no exception and I couldn’t help but tell Lauren so many times about how much I adored her excitement for her special day.

My sweethearts envisioned a wedding day filled with family and friends that would be both enjoyable and exciting. No detail was overlooked, from the glass, beaded columns centering the aisle to stunning floral design by Jennie Marietti. Many of their guests actually traveled in from out of town to partake in the excitement.

Our day started off photographing Jarod in the handsome groom’s locker room with his groomsmen. Smoking cigars, playing cards, and taking bets, the guys enjoyed a little down time before Jarod had to get ready for their first look. When Lauren arrived, we headed over next door to the jaw dropping bridal suite. Similar to the ballroom, the bridal suite has a beautiful chandelier and is pure elegance.

Lauren and her girls had the cutest monogrammed robes that we captured right before they jumped in their dresses. With our time crunch to capture their first look, we headed off right after a few shots of details and Lauren stepping into her gown.

Among the willow trees, Jarod waited patiently for his bride to be. I ADORE first looks and love when my couple’s opt for one. The moment they see one another feels like the “calm before the storm,” but a storm of pure joy. Seeing Lauren walk up in her wedding gown was pure perfection. The look in Jarod’s eyes when he finally turned around was a tearful moment. Capturing his smile and the look in his eyes is always a very touching moment.

After their first look, we headed back up to prepare for the ceremony. Against the backdrop of the rolling golf course, the two said their “I Do’s” and shared their very first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Lee. Newlywed portraits took place out on the golf course following family portraits in the shade under the arch of the building. The two wanted to be close by so that we could head back quickly for the party to begin.

Their reception was filled with tons of laughter, fabulous cocktails, and the most delicious cuisine. Top Tier Wedding Cakes brought out all the stops for their glamorous three tiered cake. Wedding by DJ Vince Roeshink played all night long before the two were sent off by sparklers.

Wishing these two a beautiful life together with their two adorable pups!

Venue: Timacuan Golf & Country Club

Makeup: Samantha Jarrett

Hair: Lejune Artistry

DJ: Vince Roeshink with Roeshink Entertainment

Florist: Jennie Marietti with Pixies and Petals

Cake: Top Tier Wedding Cakes

Bridal Salon: Dream Gown Bridal

Shoes: GianniBini

Rentals: A Chair Affair

Party Favors: Etsy

Stationary: Minted

Men’s Attire: Mens Wearhouse

Men’s Attire Designer: Vera Wang

Rings: Zales

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  1. I love the images of this wedding at Timacuan Golf and Country Club in Orlando. You did such a great job of capturing all the details from the gorgeous wedding rings to flowers to dresses. Everyone looks like they are having a great time!

  2. Stunning couple and such a gorgeous wedding! The Timacuan Golf and Country Club looks like it was the best venue for these two – so beautiful. Love the details and special moments you captured. You documented their wedding day perfectly!

  3. Holy WOW! This Timacuan Golf and Country Club wedding is stunning! Everything about this gorgeous couple exudes style and class, from the cake and the lanterns to the sequined table cloths and that stunning wedding ring set. Love it all! And you’ve got mad, mad wedding photography skillz. xx

  4. Lauren and Jarod’s Timacuan Golf and Country Club wedding is PERFECT! I LOVE her shoes and jewelry details! You captured all of the details as well as candid moments for them to look back on for years!

  5. WOW this wedding at Timacuan Golf and Country club looked like a blast! Lauren’s dress was stunning! I love the first look between Jarod & Lauren too such a special moment!

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