LDS Orlando Florida Temple Sealing

Megan & Mark’s Yellow and Gray LDS Orlando Temple Wedding

Megan and Mark celebrated their beautiful wedding day by saying their “I Do’s” during their sealing at the LDS Orlando Florida Temple in Windermere, Florida among friends and family. Traveling down from Tallahassee and the Panhandle, both love their faith and template immensely and knew that the drive was short in comparison to being sealed in love for life.

Megan and mark actually met in church several years ago. The two became best friends instantly and Mark even roomed with Megan’s brother. Their families grew close, and Mark and Megan did as well. When Mark and Megan’s brother, Matt, moved into together and out of their family home, Megan and Mark started dating. Their blossoming friendship turned into a long distance relationship, as the two kept in contact with one another even though hours apart. After a few months had passed, the two realized that they were “meant for each other.”

When Mark found out he would have to leave their hometown of Tallahassee for job opportunity, the two knew that they “Were in love and didn’t want to end our relationship,” as Meagan puts it and in turn put in the effort to keep in touch. Mark proposed to his darling Megan and the rest is history.Wishing these two a beautiful life together and so happy for them that they no longer have to be apart.

Venue: Orlando Florida Temple

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  1. Beautiful wedding wedding photography! They are such a cute couple and look like so much fun! Love the umbrellas and how you captured their personalities!

  2. What a sweet couple and fun family! Beautiful photos. And I love their cute clear and yellow umbrella to match his tie!

  3. Orlando is beautiful at this time of year for weddings. Gorgeous photography.

  4. Wow this Orlando LDS wedding turned out amazingly. I love the bridal party photos turned out so cute and I love the pop of yellow in the shoes and accessories. Great job on this Orlando Temple sealing photography session.

  5. That’s is such a sweet story about how the bride and groom met. They seem like such a sweet couple I feel like I already know them, and their wedding looks so cute with all the grey and pops of bright yellow-so fun!

  6. LDS wedding photography is always fun. Since there is no ceremony to photograph, the portraits tend to get a little creative, and the temple grounds are always beautiful locations. This one is no exception! I love the addition of the clear umbrella too!

  7. What a sweet and lovely story of their journey to marriage! This is a beautiful Orlando, Florida wedding session and you captured such sweet and precious memories for this new couple! They look adorable and so in love. I love the photos with the two of them in the walkway with the trees along the side, so beautiful!

  8. What a special wedding story! And great job capturing their big day. Those umbrella shots are so fun!

  9. What a sweet wedding at the Orlando Florida LDS Temple! I love love love the pops and yellow on the bridesmaid’s shoes and the men’s yellow bow-ties. I always think it is special how LDS wedding photographers capture the entire family together with the newly married couple out front of the temple

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