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Adrienne & Colin’s Green Springs Park Engagement

Adrienne and Colin met me out in the middle of the woods for a beautiful engagement session to celebrate their upcoming wedding. I actually first met Adrienne, and even photographed her, during her sweet sister Leanne’s wedding at the Winter Park Farmers Market. Adrienne and Colin actually met a little over four years ago when the both works at Sonny’s BBQ in Tallahassee, Florida. Adrienne at the time was a waitress and Colin was a cook. Ironically enough they worked together for about eight months before they began making small talk at the serving window.

After about nine months, Adrienne “took the plunge” as she puts it and invited him out to her friend’s Saint Patrick’s Day party. Colin didn’t realize though that the invite was more flirtatious than just friends and inadvertently showed up with another girl. Adrienne is by no means a gray person, and bluntly asked him about his behavior, but sweet Colin didn’t even realize that she was interested in him and truly didn’t mean to hurt her. Following the party, the two continued to talk, flirt, and make small chat at the window. Eventually hanging out turned into a real first date, of course with no other third wheels, which turned into more dates and a first kiss on March 24th.

Colin loves the way Adrienne’s smiles and eyes light up a room when she is happy and of course her “natural blonde moments” when she is silly. He also loves how much she cares about their family, friends, and future together, but most of all cuddling and holding hands with one another.

Adrienne loves that Colin has “the patience of a saint” and that he continuously supports her in every decision she makes. He is a true “southern gentleman” as Adrienne puts it, and is the kindest person on the planet. At a moment’s notice he would literally drop what he is doing to help someone else. Most of all, Colin has never tried to change Adrienne. While the two feel that their souls are connected, they are also very individual people who are at times polar opposites. The ying and yang is what works as the glue in their relationships, as their differences bring them together to learn even more about one another.

With so much love, Colin knew that there was no other girl for him. Colin planned out a beautiful day for Adrienne after one of her nursing school semesters came to an end. Starting off with morning mimosas, Colin let Adrienne know that he had a surprise dinner planned at a special place for the two of them later that day. After a beautiful breakfast, the two headed out to the coast away from Tallahassee. Adrienne suspected they were headed to one of her favorite places in Panacea, called Angelos, but after passing the exit, she realized it really would be a surprise.

As much as she loved Colin, she was also super paranoid from watching a few too many police shows and sent her mom a drop pin just in case he was kidnapping her – yes this really happened haha! After a long drive, the two finally ended up in Alligator Point Beach all in one piece. He let Adrienne know that they were indeed going back to Angelos, but since they never get to see the sunset he wanted to stop off at Alligator Point Beach first.

As the two strolled along the beach picking up seashells, they watched the sun set into a beautiful purple, orange, pink, and gold painted sky. While watching the colors combine together into a work of art, Colin dropped to one knee and read Adrienne a poem (far from kidnapping I must say!). After the sweetest poem, Colin asked Adrienne for her hand in marriage, which she proceeded to “cry like a baby,” but of course was able to get a “yes” out through the tears. As Adrienne puts it, “my whole world stopped that day. From now until forever, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.”

I leave you on this note, as truly a marriage is so much more than just love, it is friendship. Friendships that take you through the challenges of life, seeing the beauty in one another for who they are, and supporting each other through the good and tough times.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot and celebrating the differences that bring them together as one through the love they share!

Venue: Green Springs Park

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  1. I am in love <3. Outstanding job on this Orlando engagement photography session! Those moss trees are a perfect backdrop!

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