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Natalie & Patrick’s Green Mountain Engagement in Ferndale

Natalie and Patrick met me out at Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead in the Ferndale Preserve in Ferndale, Florida for their over the top (literally and figuratively) engagement session. A new spot that I found when on my way to a wedding in Mount Dora, the park quietly sits of the road and winds back into a walkway that overlooks the treetops of Ferndale.

When I first stumbled upon the location, I couldn’t have imagined the beauty it would hold. Large trees cover the scenic overlook path as you walk up to the massive 180 panoramic view of being over the tree tops. Truly, the entire park reminded me of the rain forests in Costa Rica; untouched, beautiful, with massive, jaw dropping views. I knew that one day I would convince one of my couples to make the journey to Ferndale for a magical engagement session.

After pitching the location idea to Natalie and Patrick, Natalie wrote back in amazement that it was actually only two minutes from her parent’s home. Pure luck, we both felt it would be the perfect spot for a morning shoot.

My sweet couple actually met back in sixth grade, but didn’t start dating until they were seniors in high school. Sometimes it just takes a little time to grow until you realize you may have found the love of your life – especially when girls still have cooties. Patrick loves Natalie’s perspective on life the most about her. She is always happy, understanding, and kind. As he so lovingly puts it, “I’m lucky enough to get to look into her eyes and see all of that.” Natalie loves Patrick’s heart, from his compassion to caring side. She feels incredibly lucky to see the more sweetheart side of Patrick. Seriously crushing on how adorable these two are. You can just feel the love when around them.

Knowing in his heart that Natalie was the girl for him, Patrick planned an incredible engagement out for his high school sweetheart. A few days after Christmas, Patrick drove Natalie up to Savannah to walk around and enjoy a date day together in the beautiful historic city. After a little adventure of being tourists, the two stumbled (so Natalie thought) upon the statue of George Oglethorpe. Patrick asked Natalie if she recognized the area, as it was from the movie Forest Gump. The very same area where Forest realized the love of his life was only a few blocks away!

Getting down on one knee, Patrick was not about to let the love of his life walk out of his life like Forest did. Proposing to Natalie, he asked for her hand in marriage and of course she said yes!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot!

Venue: Green Mountain Scenic Overlook & Trailhead

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  1. What a cute engagement story. I always love it when the guys do something special and thought out. The overlook at the Ferndale Preserve was such a beautiful location for the engagement session. I love the ones wear she is wearing his camp jacket. You captured them so beautifully and they look so in love- these photos are really sweet!

  2. Beautiful engagement photo session at the Ferndale Preserve! I really like the dreamy romantic style, with the photos shooting through the coloured foliage and with his military uniform. And the outfit change on the Green Mountain Scenic Overlook suits their fun style.

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