Lake Brantley High School Senior Portraits

Maddie’s Lake Brantley High School Senior Portraits

High school senior Maddie from Lake Brantley High School was an absolute joy to capture for her high school senior portraits. Mommy Cathy had booked the appointment after being recommended my way from my sweet friend Melanie. Maddie had wanted senior portraits that captured the true essence of her personality and not just the rigid, posed photos with a fake outdoor backdrop that they offer at school.

For me, I ADORE senior portraits and wish to capture even more. There is just something incredible about the youthfulness, playfulness, and love of life that we all have as teenagers. Maddie was definitely no exception, as her smile lit up the room!

Our session started off the same way it ended, wandering through the brick paved roads of downtown Winter Park to find the ‘perfect’ spots. Maddie had brought a handful of wardrobe options that we used ranging from her softball uniform with old school chucks to my favorite, a hot pink, sassy dress that flowed in the wind.

Maddie’s future is just as bright as her heart. Recently committed for softball to St. Petersburg College, Maddie will be playing her favorite sport along side an incredible team while studying pediatric nursing. When I asked her about why she decided to work in such a special field, she responded, “Because I love kids. I want to be able to help kids and families and care for them in times of need.” I think this just goes to show how deep her passion is and how even at a young age we truly do have a sense of who we are and where we want to go.

Before she heads off to St. Petersburg, she will be wrapping up her last year of high school at Lake Brantley. What Maddie loves most about high school are the sporting events and school spirit. It is truly a community of great kids with incredible futures ahead.

Looking forward to seeing this athlete take flight at St. Petersburg College of Nursing!

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