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Baby Laila’s Sweet 16 Months

After photographing little, baby Laila for her first twelve months, it was such a joy to see her again. At her ‘sweet 16’ month old session in the park, we walked around with mommy and daddy taking photos. Mommy Amanie went all out in making the session absolutely adorable from matching Burberry outfits to a cupcake setup fit for a princess.

Little Laila has some of the curliest hair I have ever seen. From her button nose to her smile that lights up when you say her name, she is just a little sweetheart.

To celebrate her milestone ‘sweet 16’ birth month, we did a styled cake shoot. Mommy Amanie picked up the most delicious sprinkle cupcakes from Smallcakes in Lake Mary and brought along balloons, a pink chair, and a cupcake stand along with a “Sweet 16” chalkboard sign. The combination was just too adorable for our cupcake picnic.

In addition to baby Laila’s ‘sweet 16’ session, mommy Amanie and daddy Tarek had a few photos of their own for their soon to be baby girl. Only a month away, little Laila will soon be a big sister!

Looking forward to meeting baby number two and celebrating many more milestones with my adorable family!

Cupcakes: Smallcakes

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  1. What a beautiful family! I think it’s so great when maternity sessions include the whole family. I love the “Sweet 16” part of the session too – what a cute idea!

  2. I love the idea of a “Sweet 16” shoot for a sixteen month old! So cute! The curls on that sweet girl too! How fun to have a milestone shoot, maternity shoot, and family session all in one. I can only imagine how beautiful this new baby will be too!

  3. Gorgeous images Samantha! Love that you were able to do the maternity pictures, family pictures AND the little ones’ 16 month old images all in one setting! It goes to show how professional and versatile you are! Beautiful colors, setting and lovely moments that you captured!

  4. Her cheeks though! I love the first image of her mommy and daddy holding her hands and her smiling at the camera, that’s my favorite! This such a fun twist on smash the cake, why not celebrate 18 months! They made the right choice when choosing you to be their Montverde Baby Photographer!

  5. Baby Laila is such a little doll and her family is stunning! How awesome that you were able to combine a maternity session with the family session! The Burberry outfits are so cute and they look perfect!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I have never seen a sweet 16 session at 16 months old! How creative and original! I love the way that the Mom styled her family for this session, beautiful and timeless. I can’t wait to see some newborn photos of Laila’s little sister when she makes her arrival!

  7. What a fun idea to do a “Sweet 16” for bay when she is a year and a half old! And I like that you were able to include a maternity session and a family session together for this Montverde family. Laila is pretty adorable and I bet you will get some pretty cute photographs of her and her baby brother or sister!

  8. Oh my goodness – the look on this baby’s face as she’s eating her cupcake is priceless! How adorable is this sweet 16 session and maternity session bundled into one? Absolute cuteness.

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