Harry Potter Wedding

Shelby & Harrison’s Harry Potter Wedding

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wedding

Shelby and Harrison met me out at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios for their Harry Potter wedding portraits.  The two recently tied the knot on December 15th at Pierce Castle in Decatur, MS.  Touches of Harry Potter inspiration could be found throughout their wedding day from a golden snitch cake adornment to “Head Boy” and “Head Girl” pins the two wore.  Definitely a magical day indeed!

And so the magic begins…

Words are, in my no-so-humble-opinion our most inexhaustible source of magic!  And in turn, the source of magic for Shelby and Harrison’s love story.

Avid fans of JK Rowlings work, the two have found Harry Potter to be their reason for believing in magic.  From reading books to watching the movies, and visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter often, Shelby explains that “it just transports us into a fantastical state of mind and makes us so happy.  It’s definitely our happy place, and I love that Harrison and I get to share it together!”

A Love Unfolds

Having met a little bit over a year ago on June 10th of 2017 through a blind date, both were a little skeptical at first.  Harrison’s best friend’s wife Patricia worked with Shelby at the hospital and had been begging for weeks to set the two of them up before Shelby agreed.  While Shelby was skeptical at first, the conversation flowed and they found how out that they had so much in common.  Oh and of course Shelby knew Harrison was something special after finding out his pup’s name was Padfoot.  There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other.

Hands down Shelby’s best friend, Harrison loves her to the fullest, which is what Shelby fell in love with and does so everyday.  As Shelby explains, “I can be my silliest self with him and not be shy.  I can unleash the mega amount of nerviness I have inside and he’s right there with me, and I can be sad and he will listen to why.  I love how open we are with one another, that we’re not afraid of hard conversations, that we do it all together.”  For Harrison, he fell in love with how genuine Shelby is.  As he explains, “I love the twinkle of excitement in her eyes when she gets to talk about Harry Potter and finds a fellow fan.  Shelby will always be there to listen to my ramblings and tell it to me straight.  She is my comfort zone and now I get to be with the one that makes me feel the best for the rest of our lives.

Bridal Portraits at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I am sure you have realized by now just how much these two wizards love one another.  Harrison knew that his proposal had to be at their “happy place,” the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and proposed on April 7th of this year to Shelby in front of the Hogwarts Castle!  Planning out his proposal to Shelby, he enlisted the help of her best friend to capture the moment and celebrate as well.  Driving down on the 6th, the two visited Disney Springs when they arrived and Shelby took notice of how much Harrison was on his phone, which was unusual for him – tip number one something was to come!  Harrison did solemnly swear to Shelby that he was up to no good, or I mean not up to no good.  The next out of character move came when Harrison wouldn’t let Shelby ride any of the rides the next day and instead kept taking her in and out of shops, again on his phone, which was tip number two.  Finally, he agreed to go on a ride with her, but stopped Shelby for a moment so he could tie his shoe.  Pulling a small velvet bag out of his backpack, he opened the bag to uncover a golden snitch with an engagement ring inside.  Holding it up to Shelby while on one knee, he asked her “will you make magic with me for the rest of our lives?” and of course Shelby said, “yes!”  And without thinking, without planning it, without worry about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harrison kissed her.  Right after, out popped her best friend who Shelby found out later was the reason Harrison had been on his phone so much.  The two had been texting to locate one anther without Shelby seeing her!

Wishing my two wizards a magical life together and to remember, you are protected, in short, by your ability to love.

Ps. can you find the hidden quotes from Harry Potter throughout Shelby and Harrison’s love story?  All hidden quotes by JK Rowling.

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