UCF Graduation Portraits

Noemi’s University of Central Florida Graduation Portraits

University of Central Florida UCF Graduation Portraits

My sweet bride to be Noemi met me out with her fiancé Jake and little pup Mei at the University of Central Florida for her senior graduation photos.  An early morning session to beat the crowds, I was over the moon to be able to spend even more time with my couple before their big day, and capture another milestone in their lives.

Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Writing

Graduating with her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Creative Writing, Noemi plans to freelance for now before heading back to UCF to begin her Master’s of Arts in Creative Writing.  With the end goal in mind of becoming a professor of Creative Writing and to have her works published, her future is looking very bright!

The Power of Writing

Noemi’s passion for writing revolves around how varied it can be.  As she explains, “you can convey so many emotions through writing using poetry for example, or creative nonfiction.  You can make your reader feel a variety of emotions as well through all types of writing.  I think that what I love most is the possibility to change someone’s life or even just their day by reading a good book and opening their eyes to what books can offer.  I like the idea that one day, if I’m published I can reach all types of people and make them feel something because of my writing and I hope that it will move them and/or make them love reading/writing like I do.  I hope it’ll make them realize how many doors to emotions and other worlds it can open so they can escape.”

A lover of love stories, I know how writing can truly make you feel and move you to tears, joy, happiness, and so many other emotions.  I think we take for granted how powerful the written word can be.

Congratulations Noemi!

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