Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Renee & Mathew’s Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Renee and Mathew tied the knot during their Rosen Shingle Creek wedding.  The two envisioned a formal affair filled with the beauty of the love from their friends and family who came to celebrate.

Online Dating = A Forever Love

Like many of our couples, online dating has become the opportunity to meet your soul mate when you otherwise might not have ever run into them.  Erin, Renee’s friend, gave her a little push to sign up online and she quickly met Mathew.  A little nervous about meeting up in person since she was new to online dating, Renee took a chance after Mathew invited her out on a formal first date, and wasn’t expecting to fall in love.

Mathew was absolutely taken by Renee since the moment they met.  Inseparable ever since their first date, Mathew knew he had found the one and started planning out his proposal to Renee.  While walking along the St Johns River dock in Jacksonville, Florida, Mathew took Renee’s hand and paused their walk for a moment.  Dropping to one knee, he asked for her hand in marriage, and of course Renee said, “yes!”  Completely in shock, she found out later that Mathew had even enlisted the help of her sisters in picking out her ring several weeks prior – good job for keeping the secret!

Wedding Day at Rosen Shingle Creek

Renee and Mathew’s Rosen Shingle Creek wedding felt like a dream.  From the moment we arrived, Renee was glowing with sheer joy and excitement to see Mathew.  With hair and makeup wrapping up as we arrived, we started off by capturing a few cool shiloutte shots of Renee having her hair sprayed.  Details, followed by putting on her dress, also took place before we headed to Mathew’s room to capture him and his guys getting ready, while the girls finished up.  Knocking out the groom’s party portraits and bride’s party portraits, we took both groups into the gorgeous lobby before heading outside with Mathew to prepare for our couple’s first look.

Walking up to Mathew, you could tell how excited the two were to see one another.  Grabbing a few newlywed portraits in the garden before heading back inside to hide our couple, we then headed outside to prepare for their ceremony.

Taking place in the gorgeous courtyard overlooking the golf course, along with the cascading hotel behind us, the spot was absolutely perfect.  Guests filed in as our bridal party lined up inside to prepare for their procession.  After the ceremony, we captured family portraits and a large bridal party portrait outside at the ceremony spot in front of their arch.  Excusing everyone to go party at cocktail hour, we headed off with our couple to what felt like a secret walkway, as no other guests were around.

A moment together before their reception festivities began, newlywed portraits were by far my favorite time of the day.

The grand ballroom at Rosen Shingle Creek had the most picture perfect backdrop through the 180 degree windows surrounding half of the room.  Reception entrances, followed by toasts, dancing, and a sparkler send off to end the night made for an incredibly memorable time.

Wishing our sweethearts an amazing life together filled with the same love and happiness they felt on their special day!


Venue: Rosen Shingle Creek

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