Orlando Baby Photographer

In Home Baby Session

Baby Mila is officially four months old!  To celebrate, we captured her in her room playing with toys, reading books with mommy, and wiggling around.  Our session started off with Mila showing off her adorable crib.  Mommy Ina and puppy Bella helped Mila smile for the camera by checking in on her and giving her tons of kisses.  After some fun photos of Mila in her crib, we captured a couple of shots of her on her changing table.

Decorated with yellow giraffes, Mila just loved wiggling around while changing into her next outfit.  From the changing table we moved on to her play mat decorated with more wildlife animals.  Bella jumped back into the photos to give Mila kisses and photo bomb a couple of shots.  I just love how well the two interact together and how much Bella cares for her little Mila.  Our adorable four month session ended with some mommy-daughter time of Ina reading Mila’s favorite books.  Looking forward to capturing this little girl for her five month session next month!


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