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Jenna & Coulter’s Mead Gardens Engagement

Jenna and Coulter celebrated their upcoming sealing next month with a beautiful engagement at Mead Gardens. Jenna actually lives in Utah and Coulter in Oklahoma, but traveling for work in the beautiful sunny state of Florida together made for the opportune moment to have their engagement session. The two actually met in Stillwater, Oklahoma back in April of this year. Jenna at the time was serving as a missionary for their church.

Coulter knew right away that Jenna had come into his life for a reason. After a few short months, he proposed to her in gorgeous Bountiful, Utah on September 5, 2015. What I love most about their engagement is how personal it was to the two. Coulter had wrote Jenna a poem and read it to her while they were admiring the view of the valley. Of course as sweet as the poem was, it wouldn’t be perfect if it didn’t have a little bit of humor. He had tailored the poem around Superman and wore a Superman shirt underneath his suit and tie and even put on a pair of thick, black framed glasses for a visual effect. Jenna couldn’t resist his charm, genuine demeanor, and how they fit perfectly together; so of course she said yes!

We paired their beautiful outdoor engagement with an outdoor engagement session.   The lush garden was actually dedicated back in 1940 and began as a 50 acre parcel. Theodore L. Mead, Jack Connery, and Dr. Edwin Grover worked together to gain support and funding from the community to create an open space that welcomed the community in. Flash forward to present day, the garden boast beautiful intimate spots for weddings, engagements, and bird spotting.

A big congratulations to my beautiful couple and best wishes for their future as one!

Venue: Mead Botanical Garden

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  1. Samantha! This is a downright gorgeous engagement session! One of my favorite pictures of this set at the black and white of him picking her up-you can see the pure joy in her eyes as she looks at him. My other favorite is the engagement ring on the purple berries, just a beautiful picture!

  2. This is an adorable couple! I love the photos of them on that wooden bridge. You really captured their chemistry together and showed how over joyous they are with their engagement! LDS picked the perfect location and the green foliage and trees make for beautiful scenery! Congratulations to the newly engaged.

  3. Such a fabulous LDS engagement session at Mead Gardens in Orlando! I love the addition of purple at the end with the outfit change and berries! They look very happy together and Corner House Photography did a beautiful job.

  4. That last picture with their hands in each others pocket is too cute!! Love it! This whole Mead Gardens engagement session is beautiful. It looks like they had a great time and I love all the colors!

  5. This young couple are so cute! Mead Gardens was a perfect spot for their engagement session. I’m sure they are over the moon with these photos. Great job.

  6. I love this engagement session at Mead Gardens in Orlando. That purple color is just perfect. They look so happy together and I’m sure they love the end result of this session.

  7. Oh, that Superman engagement story is awesome! And so are these engagement photos! Mead Gardens is such a beautiful location (getting a little envious of your spots in Orlando!) and they were the perfect spot for this couple. I love the colors of the plants, and their outfit choices pop against them. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos. I wonder if Superman will appear there too!

  8. Samantha Eckhaus , this engagement session is just stunning! I love the beautiful story telling through your photograph’s and words…… you are the best lifestyle and engagement couple photographer in Winter Park and throughout Orlando!! The location you choose for this adorable couple is just perfect for them, great job! Mead Gardens is stunning! Another beautiful engagement session by Cornerhouse Photography!

  9. This is such a fab LDS session! I love all of the locations you chose for this couple – Mead Gardens looks amazing! You did a beautiful job capturing this couple’s excitement and I can’t wait to see how you document their wedding day! Beautiful work!

  10. This engagement session is gorgeous! There are so many amazing things about this session…the location, lighting, posing, colors. I also love that you have captured some great emotion in this session. It can be hard to make a couple feel comfortable in front of camera, but to go the distance of capturing their love is a true talent. Such a talented photographer!

  11. The hands in each other’s pockets photo is so adorable; it just screams engagement session! Mead Gardens is so lush and full of greenery, which served as the perfect backdrop in this outdoor photography session in Orlando. You did a great job of creating fun and charismatic photos for this happy couple. Can’t wait to see what you shoot for their wedding.

  12. The Mead Gardens are lovely this time of year, and you’ve captured them perfectly in these engagement photos. I love how you told the story of their engagement, so touching and personable. I think you’re right, this location compliments the story of their engagement perfectly. The macro shot of her ring is gorgeous, great job!

  13. Wow, so much variety in this engagement session! Mead Gardens has so many pretty area for pictures, I can see why you chose this location. Congrats to the beautiful couple, looking forward to seeing their wedding photos!

  14. This LDS couple is adorable! I love the Mead Gardens location where you did their engagement photography! This romantic gallery has so much variety and is absolutely dreamy!

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these people are so pretty… I don’t know Coulter, but Jenna is well loved in the LDS Community in Oklahoma. Best wishes to you both. Fantastic work on the photography- looks like you couldn’t have done better!

    1. Author

      Aww thank you so much Peg for your incredibly sweet comment! I am so happy for them and their sealing was just beautiful!

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