Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

Elissa & Ryan’s Lake Mary Events Center Wedding

Elissa and Ryan tied the knot during their beautiful wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center on September 18th. The two envisioned their special day as “one big party” among friends and family to celebrate the start of their lives together. Upon arriving I headed over to the grooms suite to capture the guys in action as they cheered to the beginning of the festivities and started getting ready. Ryan’s best man and cousin Will was quite a character with his generous words of wisdom on marriage. After nonstop comedy of hanging with the groom, I headed over to the bride’s suite to capturing her and her girls getting ready.

Elissa’s dress from Debra’s Bridal on the Avenues was fit perfectly for her and even had a custom sweetheart neck. Her maid of honor Amanda and bridesmaids Erena, Kailee, and Lauren looked beautiful in Elissa’s favorite color of orchid purple. The girls told me that Elissa’s wedding theme of purple hues, bling, glitter, and gold were the perfect representation of Elissa.

First glances, or first looks, are a beautiful moment shared between the bride and groom right before the ceremony. Under the white walkway gazebo, Elissa walked up to her husband to be with the biggest smile on her face. Ryan’s nervousness, excitement, and sheer joy built with every step Elissa made closer to him. When it was finally time to turn around, he was in complete awe of his future wife. The first time the couple sees one another is just so special. I love allowing them uninterrupted time to take it all in and reflect on what is to come.

After our first look, we were on to bridal portraits and finally the ceremony! Two pillars with two large and beautiful purple bouquets from Weddings by DPC beckoned the bride and groom forward. Ryan’s aww of his bride didn’t wane from the first look to seeing her for the first time coming down the aisle. One of my favorite photos during their ceremony is a beautiful black and white with a starburst shining high above the couple. With rings exchanged, “I Do’s” said, and a first kiss shared we were off to formal portraits with the family.

Formal portraits throughout their big day were very important to Elissa and Ryan. Ensuring every family member had a photo alone with the bride and groom was their thank you token for attending. Bridal party portraits were also a blast as the group was ready to party. From silly faces to big smiles, the group was a blast to photograph. After family and bridal portraits, it was time for newlywed shots against Crystal Lake while the sun was setting.

Reception time was a blast filled with great food from 4 Rivers and the latest music from Footloose Entertainment. Purple lighting filled the ballroom while guests danced the night away. Elissa and Ryan’s big day came to a close with the final passing of a sacred candle among her sorority sisters. A big congratulations to this beautiful couple!

Venue: Lake Mary Events Center

Design: Weddings by DPC

DJ: Footloose Entertainment

Dress Shop: Bridal Shop Avenues

Shoes: Steve Madden

Caterer: 4Rivers Smokehouse

Rentals: Fenice Events

Officiant: Mike Hevener

Transportation: Hi-Class Limousine, LLC.

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Love the bridal party peeking through the window 🙂Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-21Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-22Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-23 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-24Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-25 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-26Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-27Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-28Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-29Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-30Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-31Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-32Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-33 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-34Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-36Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-35Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-37Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-38 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-39Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-42Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-40Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-41Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-43Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-44Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-46Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-45 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-47Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-48Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-49Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-50Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-51Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-52Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-53Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-54Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-56Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-55Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-57Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-58Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-59Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-62Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-61Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-60 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-63Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-64Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-65Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-66 Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-67Lake-Mary-Events-Center-Wedding-68


  1. What a beautiful and fun Lake Mary Events Center wedding! I especially love the silhouette from the wedding ceremony – too pretty! It looks like you captured their day perfectly!

  2. What a beautiful photo story you have told Corner House Photography!! The bride is just beautiful and the groom is terribly handsome and the wedding Venue is perfection!! I love the black and white wedding photo’s they are STUNNING! as always

  3. What a perfect fairytale wedding! I love all the details and color pallet. You told an amazing story in these Lake Mary Events Center Wedding images! I adore the photo of their first look with the family peering through the window behind them. I bet this couple is going to be so happy when they get these images!

  4. Beautiful wedding photos! The Lake Mary Events Center is such a perfect venue. The bride is stunning in her sparkly dress and the handsome groom looks like a lot of fun, but the photos that stood out for me are of the flower girls dancing in the wedding aisle before the ceremony. They are truly little princesses.

  5. What an amazing wedding Samantha! I agree with Melanie that you have such an eye for detail and the silhouette shots were just out of this world awesome! Lake Mary Events Center was a perfect location for this wedding, the building and grounds are gorgeous! What an absolutely stunning wedding.

  6. The Lake Mary Events Center is so lovely! What a perfect location for Elissa and Ryan’s Florida wedding. I love the photos of the newlyweds by Crystal Lake. You did a fantastic job of capturing all the details and emotions of their day. Gorgeous!

  7. The windows in the Lake Mary Events Center are awesome! Such beautiful light coming in for this wedding ceremony! I love every little detail and all the emotion you captured. Your wedding photography is always gorgeous!

  8. Weddings are so fun! I love them down to the very last little details and you did the perfect job capturing every single one. Your attention to detail is impeccable and so was the bride’s choice in wedding gown. She looked amazing and sparkled just as much as that blinged out hanger that it came in on! Lake Mary Events center served as a beautiful backdrop to such a heartwarming Florida wedding.

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