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Christine & Andrew’s LDS Orlando Temple Sealing

Christine Rast and Andrew Linares tied the knot during their sealing at the LDS Orlando Temple in Windermere, Florida on September 22nd. The Orlando Temple is one of my absolute favorite locations due to the temple’s stunning backdrop and love that just radiates all over.

The two met at a restaurant Andrew worked at while taking Christine’s order. She didn’t just order dinner that night, but a future husband 🙂

What I love about how they met, is how uncomplicated it was and how fate had them cross paths. The two later connected through Facebook, started talking, which led to dating, and not long after a flourishing relationship. Andrew actually proposed to Christine in his apartment, while the two were talking about their future together. Andrew told Christine he would be right back. When Christine looked up, there was Andrew on one knee proposing; and of course she said yes!

Wishing these two an incredible life together!

Venue: Orlando Florida Temple

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  1. Orlando is quite near and dear to my heart – as it is my birthplace.

    I think that you captured this couple’s amazingly blue and special day in a perfect way.

    Your attention to creative detail, as found in the rings/shoes image, is great and a way to remember the small details in a fun way.

    I think that my favorite image is the pullback in front of the temple where the groom is tipping the bride back and the dress is in full scale.

    Great job to this amazing Orlando wedding photographer!!!!

  2. This wedding reminds me a lot of my cousin, who also got married in the LDS Orlando Temple! They look like a very happy couple and I love the detailing of the sapphire blue throughout their attire. I’d love to know the story behind the Charlie Brown pendants on the bottom of her shoes. Wonderful wedding photography!

  3. What a sweet story about how they met and got engaged. I love the gorgoues blue they had in the wedding from her sash to those shoes!! Oh those shoes!! What’s up with the Charlie Brown button on the bottom?

  4. I love those shoe detail images!! This Mormon temple wedding photography is outstanding! I’ve never seen the Orlando temple photographed before and it is absolutely gorgeous! Great work from an amazing wedding photographer!!

  5. These are such beautiful wedding portraits! The LDS Temple in Orlando is gorgeous! I love the pulled back shots of the couple in front of it – that needs to be a giant canvas!! 🙂 You attention to detail is perfect too! LOVE those shoe shots! Beautiful work!

  6. I LOVE the story about these two! Definitely seems that they were meant to be. And their wedding at the LDS Temple is beautiful! Definitely in a very gorgeous spot in Orlando.

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