Newborn In Home Session

Baby Luke’s In-Home Newborn Session

Thinking back to a few years ago when I was searching through Instagram of wedding photographers who inspired me, I would have never guessed how fortunate of an opportunity I would have to find Steve.  I was immediately drawn to the vibrancy and quality in every image he posted showcasing one beautiful wedding after the next.

Feeling like the small fish in a rather large ocean of photographers, I was eager to learn more and more about the wedding industry as I primarily focused at the time on large scale event and corporate photography.  While to this day I still love working with my amazing corporations and non-profits who have me capture their events, there is just a beauty that cannot be denied in following the story of two souls coming together on one special day among everyone who loves them.

I had unfortunately had several bad experiences reaching out to other photographers, of which I vowed to never be one, but Steve was completely different.  He was willing to share his knowledge and give me advice on the monotony of questions I threw at him.  Posting that I would be at a local art walk, Steve brought Sarah along to meet me and see some of the work I was featuring.  Let me just tell you that these two have a warmth like no other.  From their friendship to special events I have captured for them such as their baby shower and holiday photos, everyone around them feels the love and gives it right back.  They have truly become such great friends and I feel so lucky to have them, and now little Luke, in my life.

While hurricane Irma put a damper on our hospital session, we regrouped after for a fun in-home newborn session.  Meeting Luke for the first time was such a treat.  The sleepy little guy just loved being held by mommy and daddy and had the most inquisitive look on his face – kinda like he knew I was there for pictures, but unsure of how many outfit changes that exactly meant – haha.

Going back to Irma, little Luke was born on September 10th at 9:13 AM right in the middle of the storming weekend.  Weighing in at 7 pounds and 13 ounces, he came into the world as a healthy and happy baby.  Talking with Sarah and Steve, it was interesting to find out how they can see so much change in him each and every day.

While you can read every book, every blog, and take in the advice of everyone around you; bringing your baby home is really when everything sinks in and you find your way.  As Sarah explained, the most unexpected part of having a newborn was really how much work it can be along with the amount of burp clothes you really need.  However, even with as much work is involved with bringing a little one into this world, the reward of experiencing the “firsts” from seeing them learn about their surroundings to growing into their personality, just in the first week alone, is absolutely incredible.

Congratulations Sarah and Steve!

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