Lake Eola Engagement

Jaclyn and Cody’s Lake Eola Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Jaclyn Heckle and Cody Allums met me out at beautiful Lake Eola for their downtown engagement in the heart of Orlando. Since the two were down to try any spot I recommended, I thought we would venture to Lake Eola Park for a fun session.

My lovebirds actually met while Jaclyn was working aftercare at her school. At the time she had middle and high school students for a couple of hours everyday. Megan and Taylor, who just so happened to be Cody’s sisters, were part of her group and noticed a spark when between their brother Cody and Jaclyn when he picked them up from school one afternoon. The next day Jaclyn happened to ask Taylor what her brother’s name was because she thought he was cute, which Taylor responded with his name… and asking for her number! Jaclyn of course laughed it off saying that Cody could ask for it if he liked. Walking out to the carpool line to meet her mom who was picking her up that day, Taylor grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and run back in. She was determined and told Jaclyn that she still needed her number. Her persistence won out and Jaclyn obliged to giving her number.

Cody in complete shock of his persistent and very sweet sister when back in the next day to let Jaclyn know that he had not asked for his sister to get her number, but was appreciative she did. He asked for Jaclyn to accompany him on an official first date – without sisters – hehe. From that first date on the two became inseparable.

Their friendship turned to romance and as Jaclyn describes it, “he is truly my very best friend.” No matter what the situation may be, Cody remains positive and calm. He truly is the “easiest person to talk to.” Cody loves the “little things that make Jaclyn who she is” from the way he makes her smile to how much love she has in her heart.” As Cody describes it, “it’s hard to pick what I love best.”

Not long after dating, Cody was ready to propose to Jaclyn. The two had become close and it was as though they were meant to be together from the start. The night before planning to propose to Jaclyn, the two shared dinner a lovely dinner at his parent’s house. Cody had wanted to take Jaclyn to the beach to propose the next day, but it was so hard to keep the ring secretive in his pocket. Waking up that morning, Cody couldn’t wait any longer and asked for her hand in marriage. Jaclyn of course said, “yes” and the two spent the day together celebrating the moment.

I always love asking my couples about their wedding plans and the advice they have received in planning. The best advice that Jaclyn said they received so far and that should would love to share with others would be to enjoy their day and not do everything on their own. Having friends and family help out will take the weight off of their shoulders so that they can just enjoy the moment.

Venue: Lake Eola

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