Lake Eola Wedding

Caitlin & Kris’ Lake Eola Wedding & 310 Lakeside Wedding Reception

Caitlin and Kris tied the knot during their Lake Eola wedding and 310 Lakeside wedding reception in downtown Orlando, Florida. My sweethearts envisioned a wedding filled with the love of their closest friends and family alongside the iconic and historic Orlando landmark.
You may remember my sweethearts from their intimate engagement in Baldwin Park last month. The two actually met online by chance after Kris stumbled upon Catilin’s profile. After chatting for a few weeks back and forth between messages and texts, they decided to have an in-person meet up and scheduled their first date. It seemed like fate as they realized very quickly they had found the one. Both of them shared the same values in life and their souls began to intertwine as their relationship grew.
Caitlin fell in love with how supportive and kind Kris was. He truly accepted her for her, and as she explains it even loves her “quirks.” Kris loves Caitlin’s quirks for course and also how different she is. Her beauty radiates both inside and out no matter the situation. As he explains it, they just “get one another” from their personalities to life goals.
Our day started off arriving a little bit early at Lake Eola as we waited for our newlyweds to arrive. Guests filed in and took their seat as they watched the sun began to go down. Kris came shortly after and seeing the look on his face was priceless. He was both nervous and excited and you could just sense how much love he had in his heart to start his life with Caitlin.
Caitlin radiated as she came down the aisle towards her soon to be hubby. Her vintage gown was perfect for her style and matched so well with her braided hair. Their ceremony was sweet and ended with a beautiful first kiss.
After the ceremony we headed over to the pond for family portraits and back to some beautiful trees once the sun had went down a bit for wedding party shots. I am so completely biased, which I am sure you know from reading my love stories, that I just love newlywed portraits. With Lake Eola as the backdrop and the sun setting upon the two, their newlywed portraits were the perfect balance of intimacy and beauty.
Wrapping up our formal portraits we headed over to 310 Lakeside to enjoy a fantastic dinner and some fabulous dancing. Wishing these two a beautiful life together as Mr. and Mrs. McCabe.

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