Langford Park Engagement

Jessica & Scott’s Langford Park Engagement

Jessica and Scott Langford Park engagement in downtown Orlando was the perfect spot.  Located near Dickson Azalea Park, the sweet little park is definitely one of my new favorite spots and tends to be passed by with everyone heading to Dickson, but my oh my the beautiful light the park receives is too good to be true.

Jessica and Scott actually met a little over three years ago when they both still lived in Pennsylvania. Scott happened to come into the restaurant for a bite to eat one night for dinner where Jessica was bartending. As Jessica remembers it, “we slowly hit it off from that moment; never thinking we would be where we are today.” It is crazy to think that just being in the right place at the right time could lead to meeting the love of your life.

From small chat in Jessica’s restaurant to falling in love, Scott knew right away what he loved most about Jessica. It was her warmth and love that shined through from the moment he met her. As Scott explains, “I know that no matter what happens she is there to support me. I never walk alone anymore.” (Okay seriously tearing up right – Scott you are too sweet!) Jessica loves Scott’s positive outlook on life and how he has helped her become more of an optimist. His support has given her the encouragement and strength to go through life’s ups and downs to always come out positive on the other end.

Their connection was clear as day and Scott and Jessica both knew in their hearts that it was time. Scott wanted his proposal to be adventurous and completely out of the norm – so what better way than to take Jessica on a skydiving trip they had been wanting to do for some time. After boarding the skydiving plane, falling 15,000 feet, and landing together safely on the ground, Scott pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked Jessica to marry him. It was the perfect time as Jessica was about to leave for nursing school, and as she explains, “he wanted me to know that even though we would have a long distance relationship for a couple of months, that I could look down and always be reminded that he wasn’t going anywhere and we would have a forever together from here on out.”

Wishing these two an amazing journey as they begin to plan for their big day and a happy New Year!

Venue: Langford Park

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