St Augustine Courthouse Elopement

Kirsten & Tom’s St. Augustine Courthouse Elopement

Kirsten and Tom surprised their friends and family when they met me out in the beautiful, historic town of St. Augustine for their elopement! The two had been visiting loved ones in Florida after flying in from their home state of New Jersey. On their way down south, they decided that an elopement in beautiful St. Augustine would be the best way to start their trip.

My sweethearts actually met at work by chance. Kirsten a nurse manager in the operating room and Tom a construction project manager kept running into one another after having to meet about expansion projects for the hospital. Kirsten remembers that their “attraction was mutual and immediate.” It wasn’t long before Tom asked her out on a date that led to many, many more!

Kirsten loves the way that Tom has the ability to make her laugh in any situation. His smile and positive outlook on life lifts her up day after day. You could absolutely see how impressionable he was and how much he loved making her feel that she was his girl and the apple of his eye. Tom loves how Kirsten makes him a better person. She brings the best of him out to the world and pushes him to be the best he can be.

Their proposal story was more a chance meeting or chance conversation as well. The two had planned out the trip to St. Augustine prior to heading down south for the holidays with friends and family. During lunch one day they were chatting about how beautiful St. Augustine was going to be and that they couldn’t wait for their trip. Discussions of the beauty of the city led to the beauty of weddings, which quickly led to chatting about an elopement! As soon as the subject was mentioned, they both knew it was perfect for them. As Kirsten describes it, “we both felt it was exactly how we envisioned getting married.” The two of them loved the idea of an elopement, because they wanted it to just be the two of them and about them. The trip would be perfect, but even more perfect now that a major event would be taking place!

Our day started off in the downtown St. Augustine courthouse. Shortly after signing the official documents, we headed into the ceremony room for vows to be read to the couple and to seal the deal! With a first kiss shared (and a few more kisses after that!), we headed to downtown St. Augustine for newlywed portraits.

Walking around to all of my favorite spots, Kirsten and Tom were up for an adventure. From Louboutin shoes to a whimsical bouquet, Kirsten looked just darling in her lace dress with her shoe and floral details. Tom was rather dapper as well in his suit and shined up shoes. Our session ended with the two sharing one last kiss before hitting the road to share the exciting news – they were married!

Wishing my darlings a beautiful life together filled with adventure and tons of travel!

Venue: St. Augustine Courthouse

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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