Winter Park Wedding

Kimberly & Michael’s Winter Park Private Estate Wedding

Kimberly and Michael tied the knot during their Winter Park wedding at a private estate near Park Ave. Surrounded by the love of their family, friends, and faith, the two made a commitment to last a lifetime.

My darlings actually met back in 2008 during St. Patrick’s Day when they both were attending a St. Patty’s Day party. Kimmie at the time was celebrating with her group of girls, while Michael was there with the other coaches from the Ray’s. Looking around the room, Michael spotted Kimmie out of the corner of his eye. He was immediately drawn to her and reminisced that he told his colleagues “see that girl right there? I’m going to marry her.” Walking up to Kimmie, Michael took a chance to try to talk to her… and another chance… and another chance… but Kimmie kept getting pulled away by her girlfriends to continue making their way around the room. Michael pursued Kimmie though and eventually asked for her number. Kimmie at the time while interested wasn’t ready to give her number out and agreed to meet Michael in a few days back at Bennigan’s. Unfortunately it slipped Kimmie’s mind and their meetup never took place. As fate may have it though they ran into one another six weeks later at the gym.

Michael waived Kimmie over and the two chatted for a bit before Michael asked again for her number, which she obliged this time too. The two made plans for a more official date later that week. While chatting, Michael asked Kimmie if she had gone to Bennigan’s and she said “no” to which is also said “no” as well. Finally their dinner date arrived, both showing, and Michael admitted to Kimmie that he had been there that night, but didn’t wait long. Hoping that every time the door opened it would be Kimmie walking in. As Kimmie describes it, “it was the sweetest and most romantic thing I’d ever heard, but I felt awful that I wasn’t there. Needless to say, I promised to be wherever he was from then on!”

Kimmie loves Michael’s sense of humor along with his confidence and sincerity. He keeps her grounded and a contagious smile on her face that lights up a room. Michael loves Kimmie’s heart and how it is absolutely boundless with love.

As their love grew more and more over the years for one another, Michael knew it was time to ask Kimmie to be his wife – which if you remember he had lovingly declared the moment he laid eyes on her. Deciding it was time, he waited until their annual tradition of “Christmas in February.” Last February while celebrating with their families at their apartment, Michael cooked a meal that could feed an army filled with tons of love. After dinner as the party was winding down, Michael asked for Kimmie to step outside with their pup for a walk around the block. As they walked downstairs, he told Kimmie about how much he loved her, cared for her, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. When they finally hit the last step, Michael got down on one knee and popped the question. As Kimmie describes it, “it was perfect and we had all of our closest family and friends there with us to celebrate!”

Fast forward to November from February, it was time for Kimmie and Michael’s big day. Our day started off photographing Michael getting ready with his guys at the Grand Bohemian in downtown Orlando. Before heading over to the Winter Park estate where their wedding would take place, we grabbed a couple of shots of Michael and his groomsmen in the wine cellar, which made for some dramatic and moody lighting.

Kimmie was walking on air, or more like a cloud #hitchedoncloud9, when we arrived to find her with her girls. To our surprise she had put on her mom’s wedding dress, which we just had to have a picture of. From details to adorable monogrammed robes, every item was lovingly handpicked.

Two special moments that took place before we headed to the ceremony site on the estate included a ‘daddy-daughter first look’ and a ‘first touch.’ It took all dad had to hold back the tears seeing his baby girl in her wedding gown. The touching moment was soon followed by Michael stopping by to hold Kimmie’s hand from behind the door as they read letters they wrote to one another. The tears began flowing and we couldn’t help but have tears in our eyes as well. The moment alone was needed by the two before they were about to make a commitment among their loved ones.

Set in the back of their estate, a white rose covered arch sat lovingly against barn doors where the couples would say their vows. Guests sat patiently waiting for our handsome groom and groomsmen along with our lovely bride and her bridesmaids. One of my favorite parts of their ceremony included a ‘pop up poem’ where the family and friends ‘pop up’ to recite a poem that follows from one to the other about the love of the couple. This is the second wedding I have had where a pop up poem was included and truly one of my favorite new traditions.

With a first kiss shared it was time for family portraits and wedding party portraits before the sun set. My favorite part had to be a rather comical part when one of our junior groomsmen accidentally hit a tree branch while trying to be ‘GQ’ as I had them strut their stuff towards the bridesmaids. That shot was rather funny and made for a lighthearted newlywed session after the laughter subsided.

Tucked away next to their ceremony site was the sweetest little garden. Filled with Florida native plants, blooming flowers made for a gorgeous backdrop for newlywed portraits. It was a nice moment for Kimmie and Michael to share alone before heading into enjoying their cocktail hour and reception. Our night ended with a hilarious ‘mannequin challenge,’ as guests tried their best to freeze on the dance floor for photos.

Wishing these two an incredible life together!


Venue: Private Estate in Winter Park

Getting Ready Venue: Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

Makeup & Hair: Primped Up Hair and Makeup

Officiant: Chunks Corbett

Stationary: Papyrus

Dress Shop: Calvet Couture Bridal

Dress Designer: Katie May

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Men’s Attire: Joseph A Banks

Rings: Kay Jewelers & Zales


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