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Brittany & Jason’s Lake Louisa Engagement

Lakeland Engagement

Brittany and Jason met me out near Lakeland, Florida for their gorgeous Lakeland engagement session.  Moving from up north to the sunny state of Florida for new job opportunities, the two are so excited to begin their lives in the new city and state that they call home.

A chance encounter – twice!

Our sweethearts story began one night when Brittany ended a late shift at work.  Her friends had called her up and invited her out to a bon fire party.  Exhausted, tired, and ready to head to bed, they convinced her otherwise and she sure is glad she changed her mind and went!  That night she met Jason and the two hit it off immediately.  Talking for hours and sharing a few drinks, the night flew by.  A week’s time passed and Brittany and her friends headed out for another night on the town at a local bar called the Mallet.  By chance, and as fate had planned, Jason was there too!  Immediately walking over to Brittany, the two took up where they had left off the week prior in their conversation and have been together ever since!

Ironically enough, Brittany and Jason both love the same qualities about one another.  Each other’s best friend, they make it a point to keep laughter in their lives and help one another grow through caring, positive attitudes.  Striving to work had and be thankful what matters most in their lives, they have grown together individually and as a couple.  Oh, and of course I couldn’t forget their mutual shared love for their pups!

The next chapter in their lives…

Having just moved down from Maryland to Florida, Brittany didn’t think that a proposal would be coming anytime soon.  Planning and implementing the move while buying a home together was definitely an exciting time in their lives, but not the only moment that Jason wanted to share with Brittany in their next chapter of their lives together.  Coming home from work on August 17th, Jason greeted Brittany with a surprise.  A little nervous, and of course excited, Brittany followed Jason upstairs which was when he pulled out a ring, got down on one knee, and asked Brittany to marry him. Completely shocked, Brittany responded with the question, “OMG SERIOUSLY?” before screaming with joy, “yes!”  Their pups had also followed the two upstairs and shared in the excitement taking place.

Looking forward to capturing Brittany and Jason tie the knot this coming year!

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