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Ashley & Richard’s St. Augustine Engagement – Captured by Dawn

St. Augustine Engagement

Ashley and Richard met our team out at beautiful Washington Oaks Garden State Park in St. Augustine, Florida.  With just a year out from their big day at the Crystal Ballroom in St Augustine, it was the perfect time for their engagement session!

How They Met

We met October of 2015 through a online dating site. While traveling out of town for business Richard called me for the first time and the conversation was so natural it lasted for hours. Upon his arrival back into town he arranged a first date that night. Upon his arrival he informed me he had made three different restaurant reservations because he was unsure of my choice. Once I heard that I thought to myself “wow, he really put thought into this date”. After that, the night was filled with countless laughs, life talks and flutters in my stomach. I remember a phrase he said at one point that was ” where have you been all of my life” and that is where it all started, we both knew this was something special!

What They Love Most

What I love most about Richard is his endless ability to make me smile and make me feel like I don’t have a single care in the world when I am with him.

What I love most about Ashley is her self-determination and compassion for those around her. She is always putting the ones she loves first and is always there to support me and our future together.

The Proposal

After a helicopter charter to the top of a mountain overlooking the pacific, the time had finally come to ask my best friend for her hand in marriage. As I dropped to one knee, the rest of the world seemed to fade away. All I could see, all that I cared about, was her. The feeling that I felt of hearing her saying the word yes was and will forever be one of the greatest of my life. As we sat overlooking the ocean, I knew that we were no longer looking at different horizons, but only one – ours together.

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