Sydonie Mansion Wedding

Janelle & Roy’s Sydonie Mansion Wedding

Janelle and Roy tied the knot during their sealing at the LDS Orlando Temple in Windermere, Florida and partied the night away with friends and family at the historic Sydonie Mansion in Mount Dora, Florida.

My two lovebirds actually met by chance when Roy came into U.S. Bankw here Janelle worked to set up a new bank account. Waiting in line for the banker, he happened to find himself at Janelle’s window. Once Roy laid eyes on Janelle, he knew she was the one. Roy came back in not soon after, and again, and again with supposed “banking emergencies” as Janelle describes it until he one day asked her out. Their first date was magical, but shortly after Roy left for a five week trip to help in fighting forest fires. They stayed in touch through Facebook Messenger and over the phone, which helped in getting to know one another until he arrived safely back home.

Their relationship flourished when Roy arrived back and their second date turned into many more dates after. Janelle was enamored by how “handsome, intelligent, and manly” Roy was along with how he deeply listened to her. Roy had fallen for Janelle’s smile right off the bat, but her sense of humor and love is what drew him in.

A traditional man, Roy wanted to ask Janelle’s father for his permission before asking her to be his wife and partner through life. At the time Roy was teaching in Kansas City and before flying her out the first week of April, he asked Mr. Blackwelder for his daughter’s hand in marriage, which he of course said yes. On April 9th, Roy took Janelle to the National World War I Museum where he planned to ask for her hand at the top of Liberty Memorial Tower overlooking Kansas City. The plan was in place and thoroughly thought out – that was until he realized the elevator was broken! Scrambling for Plan B without Janelle realizing there was any sort of plan in place, Roy walked with Janelle to the stunning terrace view of the city close by the tower. He asked another guest if she could take a photo of the two of them to throw Janelle off, but ironically enough capturing the entire beautiful moment! While Janelle was getting set for the photo, Roy knelt to one knee and held up the engagement ring that he had been carrying around all week. As Roy describes it, “I don’t remember what I said and I don’t really remember her saying “Yes!!!” but she kissed me!” The guest not only grabbed a picture, but quickly switched to video and captured the whole proposal on video. Just remember the next time a couple asks you to take their picture – the pressure might be on, hehe!

Their wedding day was just as sweet as their story. Our day started off meeting our newlyweds at the LDS Orlando Florida Temple in Windermere, Florida to capture their grand exit from the temple, as pictures are not allowed inside during their sealing. Exiting to cheers from friends and family the two had officially made a promise to their lord and savior and to one another. It was a beautiful moment in sharing in the tears of joy with everyone around us.

Heading over to a shaded spot of the temple we captured family and wedding party photos before venturing around the temple for massive landscape temple shots with our sweethearts. Wrapping up newlywed portraits at the temple, it was time to head over to the historic Sydonie Mansion in Mount Dora. Once said to be the “most significant residential structure in all of Florida” the Sydonie Mansion is a sight to see. Grosvenor Atterbury designed the mansion in 1904 based off of the iconic Alhambra Castle in Spain. Sculpted gardens, 13 bedrooms, and many stunning pieces of artwork gracing the walls brings you into another world of beauty.

Upon arriving to Janelle and Roy’s wedding reception at Sydonie Mansion, we began with capturing a yummy candy bar and their beautiful light and airy teal reception theme. Our newlyweds soon arrived after and with time to spare we headed down to a sweet swing by the lake for newlywed portraits. Their wedding party arrived right after for us to capture photos under the oak trees near their reception spot. Heading inside with our bride, we focused on a few shots of her dress worn during her sealing, jewelry, and stunning bouquet. Mom and her bridesmaids helped Janelle with touch ups and in putting her veil back on. My favorite photos are most definitely of mom helping Janelle with her veil, as the veil is Janelle’s ‘something borrowed’ from her mom who wore it at her very own wedding as well. The history and beauty of wearing something from your mom during your big day, especially a piece as important as your veil, was just so sweet.

Before my sweethearts grand entrance through the iconic Sydonie Mansion blue door, I grabbed a few shots of Janelle looking over the balcony in her gown. Meet and greets along with dinner soon ensued before opening the dance floor for Janelle and Roy’s first dance and father daughter dance. Toasts from Janelle’s sisters and father, and Roy’s sister were powerful and beautiful in the meaning of telling their story about the love and faith they share. Another sweet moment came from DJ Rob with Life of the Party who read “Janelle and Roy’s Love Story” to the little ones at the wedding who gathered around on the dance floor.

While I just adored their love story, my favorite part of the night had to be Janelle’s surprise dance for Roy with her girls. Sitting in their white resin chairs overlooking the dance floor, Janelle’s lovely ladies danced to a few fun songs before bringing Jangle up to the middle of their circle. Janelle knew that Roy could not avoid dancing by being brought up too and grabbed him to sit in the chair right in the middle. It was a picture perfect snapshot of his sheer surprise and delight. Seriously – TOO cute for words and so incredibly sweet of her to plan a little surprise for her hubby!

Our night ended with a bubble send off as our newlyweds departed in their vintage, white convertible too jump on a plan to their Bali honeymoon. Wishing these two an incredible life together filled with adventure, faith, and love!

Ps. A special thanks to the lovely Mrs. Teri. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of your family’s lives and to have captured such a special day.  Another special thank you to the lovely Dawn for your very kind recommendation.

Ceremony Venue: Orlando Florida Temple

Reception Venue: Sydonie Mansion

Catering & Candy Bar: Leefayes Catering

Makeup: Pauline Levetro

Hair: Pauline Levetro & Ashlie Rauh

Florist: Apopka Florist

Cake: Classic Cake by Sherrie Blackwelder

DJ: Rob with Life of the Party

Officiant: Dennis Cox

Party Favors: Wendy Risquez

Dress Designer: OLEG Cassini

Men’s Attire Designer: Vera Wang

Ring Shop: S.E. Needham Jewelers

Rentals: Nelson’s Tents & Events & Black Forest Construction

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