Mead Gardens Engagement

Yuli & Patrick’s Mead Garden Engagement

Yuli and Patrick met me out at Mead Botanical Garden for their outdoor Florida engagement among the fauna and foliage. On route to their wedding venue the Rusty Pelican in Tampa for more planning, the two traveled up from Fort Lauderdale for a quick little detour engagement session in Orlando.

My sweethearts actually met by chance at a local Starbucks when ordering their daily drink. Locking eyes at the barista station, Patrick struck up a conversation with Yuli that led to asking for her number. A first date turned into many dates, followed by a romance that soon ensued. After that it was long before my sweethearts became an item!

I always love to ask my couples what they love most about one another; that key characteristic that drew them in and locked their hearts down. For both Yuli and Patrick that attribute was patience. No matter where they are in life, the two are so incredibly patient with one another which has built a solid foundation for their relationship to grow.

Their engagement was also local, but this time at a park and not by chance at Starbucks. Patrick had been planning to propose to Yuli for sometime and after having the ring in his pocket for weeks he just couldn’t wait. While walking their pup at a local park, Patrick holding Yuli’s hand had her stop for a moment. Dropping to one knee, he held Yuli’s hand in his hand and asked for her love, life, and to be his wife. She of course said “yes!” The moment was perfect.

Looking forward to celebrating with these two tie the knot this January at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant Tampa!

Venue: Mead Botanical Garden

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